Amazing downhill skateboarding in the Alps under the full moon – Project Moonlight

We’ve been waiting for a highly creative video like this one for the whole year. As it almost seemed like there’s not going to be any, Yvone Labarthe (Flying Focus) and a dedicated group of shredders finally made one.

Update, October 10th, 2016
Unfortunately, Yvone Labarthe had to remove this awesome video from the Internet according to the authorities who run the national park where the filming took place.

Skateboarding down the alpine road in a night-time, lit only by the moonlight, can be frightening, mysterious and a wonderful experience at the same time, especially when you do it with a bunch of rad people. If you haven’t done that yet, this video will definitely get you stoked about it.

Until now, we haven’t had the chance to see it captured in such a great quality, creative setup and performance. In order to shoot a video like this one, you’ll need a bit more pricey camera, like Sony a7s, but that’s not the only problem.

Project Moonlight filming crew © Remi Nguyen Cao
Some of the Project Moonlight’s filming crew © Remi Nguyen Cao

The Challenge

I’ve had a quick chat with Yvone about it who says that the biggest challenge was to have all the required conditions fulfilled. There are only four days of a full moon during a month and in addition to that, the sky has to be clear, plus, all the riders have to available for filming.

Another interesting fact which Yvone brought to my attention is that the footage is so clear due to the high altitude of the locations where it was taken.

Project Moonlight © Remi Nguyen Cao
Project Moonlight © Remi Nguyen Cao
Project Moonlight © Remi Nguyen Cao
Project Moonlight © Remi Nguyen Cao

Filming locations

The video was filmed on two mountain passes in France. The first one is Cormet de Roselend (1,967 m) in the department of Savoie and the second is Col de la Bonette (2,715 m), a high mountain pass near the border with Italy.

I believe that this piece will definitely get it’s well deserved place in the history of downhill skateboarding videos. It’s simply mind-blowingly-amazing.

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Featured riders: Mathieu Zeder, Johanne Grandjean, Pierre Hardillier, Greg Péré, Keven Le Ber, Jules Hornung and Maxime Sorek
Photographers: Alban Pernet and Rémi Nguyen Cao
Special thanks: Artiom Missiri, Ana Lowry, Lyde Begue, Diogo Costa and Roman Brunisholz.