Izdebki camp: Release The Kraken 2016

The 4th edition of Izdebki Camp happened in the second weekend of July, with a pirate theme and loads of activities for the participants. This year’s edition featured 2 days of freeriding, a race day, timed runs, a slide jam & best trick contest and also a mini ramp session with generous prizes for the winners. As this was not enough, to keep the party going, riders also enjoyed a concert of three bands and off the hook parties with a drink called Bimber!

Read through the words of Arjan Koek, the chill and tallest Dutch skater we know and get his insight on what went down at Izdebki camp, Release the Kraken edition.

Fire away, Arjan!

Izdebki camp 2016 report by Arjan Koek

Ahoy land lovers and scallywags! This is a mighty tale about the serpentine road of Izdebki, where every year us pirates come and fight the Kraken arrrrgg! We are armed with wooden planks, loads of ale and fireworks and we charge the hill fighting the beast! Arrrgggg … A pirate life for me!

Izdebki camp: Release The Kraken 2016

Izdebki Camp is a freeride located in the beautiful hills of Poland, in a small village called Izdebki. The whole event was organized by Alternative Longboards and although the track wasn’t the most challenging, the pavement was very good and grippy, the corners were wide and had flow, so big pack runs and blasting down the road was the main priority even for beginners!

Before the freeride, I got the chance to visit the Alternative Longboards HQ, where I had an impressive tour of their factory and even heard some of their yummy secrets. If was awesome to see how dedicated they are to making top quality products and caring for the development and improving their technology to make great longboards, done by awesome skaters.

We arrived at Izdebki Camp on Friday evening, parked our car and walked up to an impressive mansion to get in line for the inscription. The atmosphere was chill and the beer was already flowing. The same day we had a slide jam as the start for the amazing weekend. The friendly slide session featured a longest slide contest, hands down and no hands, the most creative slide and other activities that got us warmed up and gave us a chance to meet the other riders.

Izdebki camp: Release The Kraken 2016

On Saturday morning, a little after 9 o’clock we started the first run. The shuttles and start were easy going, the sun was shining and there was no limit on the size of the pack that could start the run. We got six runs in before the rain came, but at least that gave us time to have a lunch break as my legs were already killing me. We continued skating soon after, as the road dried up and enabled us to enjoy the track until 4 pm.

After the freeride the fun wasn’t over. Chilling and grilling came into play as well as a game called longboard jousting. Yes, you heard it right, two guys skating towards each other while trying to knock out the other skater off his board, using a big beam of wood and a boxing glove duck taped to the end to keep it ”safe” haha. This wildly entertaining game brought forth the winner, my buddy Jerom Geunens.

A mini ramp session followed, with a best combo and best trick contest. I managed to take home the win for best combo, so this was my favorite game of them all.

The friendly competition didn’t stop there, as later we watched four teams of pirates on little rafts battle each other with fireworks on the lake right next to the mansion. To wild to be true, but it actually happened – only on Izdebki! They rounded up all the survivors, brought out the rum and ale and the party was lit late into the night.

The last day, on Sunday the 10th, we enjoyed another sunny day with people riding the track in bigger packs. The vibe of the freeride was perfect and I really didn’t want for it to be over. At the end of the day, my legs decided to skip the uphill push race and because of the long drive back home, I missed the death race. I later saw the footage and pictures and it looked like it was epic, check them out for yourself!

I am now back home and can legitimately say that Izdebki Camp was a blast! I would also like to thank everyone involved in the organization for making it super fun for everybody to attend. It was awesome .. arrrrrgggg!

For everyone who couldn’t make it, check out my pirate edit and photos from my girlfriend and talented photographer Natalia Mielniczuk and get stoked for next years edition of Izdebki Camp!

Video & Edit: Arjan Koek
Photos by: Natalia Mielniczuk Photography / www.natalia-mielniczuk.com

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