Arico – El Bueno 2017, the first freeride on Tenerife by BigMountainSkate and Sliders Skate House

Arico – El Bueno 2017, the first freeride on Tenerife by BigMountainSkate and Sliders Skate House

Riders featured in the video are Florian Wagner, Martin Diaz, Angel El Niño and Ripo Nano Canarion.

The first event of the BigMountainSkate season 2017 will be the hardly anticipated Arico – El Bueno freeride in the end of March, from 20th – 24th. While most people will still live on winter time, others will have the chance to enjoy the downhill skateboarding paradise known as Tenerife island for the full 5 days.

The track is 3.2 km long and leads up to the village that gave the event its name. 12 hairpins, numerous sweepers, smooth pavement and a breathtaking view over the Atlantic ocean is something you should expect while skating down the track with the top speed of 70 km/h.

Accommodation has already been arranged at Ecovillaclub, a hotel fully booked by BigMountainSkate for the event attendants only. It has all the amenities you might need, including an internet connection, and they will also serve dinner, breakfast and drinks for cheap.

The hotel is near the beach with a perfect spot for swimming or snorkelling, and the hotel has a pool and jacuzzi where you can freshen up in the morning or relax in the evening.

The track is just a short ride away from the hotel and the riders will be able to get to it with the official shuttle busses, so there’s no need for a rental car. To get to the hotel from the nearest airport Tenerife South (Raina Sofia), you can just grab a public buss or get a taxi. It’s a 15 minutes ride.

The asphalt is smooth, but be sure to bring an extra set of wheels and get stoked for thane lines :)

Arico – El Bueno might be your perfect no-stress longboard season opener that will give you a chance to stretch your legs after the long and cold winter.

The registration fee without the arranged accommodation is 250 Euros and with the accommodation is 290 Euros (Monday – Friday). In case if you fly in early and fly out a bit later, you can book additional nights at Ecovillaclub, right there on the spot.

You can join this even via website.

Shoutout to Sliders Skate House and the crew over at Tenerife for a great collaboration <3

See you there!

The Italian Downhill Skateboard Championship Calendar 2017

The Italian Downhill Skateboard Championship Calendar 2017

Several months passed since the end of the Italian Downhill Skateboard Championship 2016. With the late arrival of cold winter weather, our thoughts of rubbing shoulders with fellow racers on the road and hearing the sound of wheels sliding still warms us. Making this holiday season even better is a Christmas gift that is the CIDHS calendar for 2017!

The Italian Downhill Skateboard Championship (CIDHS) promised an interesting tour for next year with substantial news regarding the race tracks. The championship tour will take part from June to August, taking in account all other IDF competitions across the globe.

The stages for the Italian Downhill Skateboard Championship 2017 will include four events and two new race tracks.

Italian Downhill Skateboard Championship 2017 calendar

Downhill Falls – 24th and 25th of June, 2017

Downhill Falls Track – 24th and 25th of June, 2017As the new entry in the CIDHS series, Downhill Falls will take place in the province of Frosinone, in the center of Italy.

Held in a very special city called Isola del Liri, it’s also the only European city with a waterfall flowing right in the heart of town. As something I never thought I would see, it is also the particular characteristic that gave the event its name.

Apart from seeing the beautiful waterfall, you shouldn’t miss the 1.3 km long race track with brand new asphalt. We invite you to take a go at it and try being the first one to win the podium at Downhill Falls.


Official hashtag: #downhillfalls

Ambrose Challenge – 1st and 2nd of July, 2017

Ambrose Challenge – 1st and 2nd of July, 2017Ambrose Challenge was a part of the CIDHS circuit last year and got a very positive feedback from all the racers attending. It is located in the province of Verona, in Valpolicella. For next year’s season, we are expecting another pleasant weekend on this road that will cater to all adrenaline seeking longboarders.

The track is 2.8 km long with an average gradient of 6.5 % and a maximum gradient of 10 %.

Here is the 2016 video from Ambrose Downhill Challenge:

[youtube url=””]

Official hashtag: #ambrosechallenge

Verdicchio Race – 27th to 28th July, 2017

Verdicchio Race – 27th to 28th July, 2017The next new/old entry of the 2017 tour is Verdicchio Race. As the third edition of this race, its coming back better than ever after a years break. Verdicchio will be held on the Poggiocupro race track in a village called Cupramontana, the capital of Verdicchio.

As one of the most technical and fun packed tracks in Italy, riders will descend down the 2.7 km long race track with 6 hairpins and long straights with fast corners.

This event will last for four days and is going to be a part of the IDF Eurotour 2017, as a World Qualifying Series. Two days of the event will be dedicated to the Italian Championship.

Official hashtag: #verdicchiorace

Euroskate 2017 – 3rd to 6th of August, 2017

Euroskate 2017 - 3rd to 6th of August, 2017The 14th edition of the Euroskate will finish the CIDHS circuit. The Roll Club of Padua, led by Sandro Marandin, is back with the Euganean Hills and an impeccable organisation which includes big shows and the famous torchlight ride along the race route.

The track is famous for its curve called “Schivanoia”, the first one of a series of hairpins following one another and inevitably leading to racers showing off their best skills while pumping and taking advantage of the hairpins apex.

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Official hashtag: #teyolo

Surely the 2017 Italian Downhill Skateboard Championship FISR will not fail to surprise us. In the mean time, while waiting for the race season to start, go out and skate. Get ready, because the starting line is waiting for you!

RidersFly longboard events schedule 2017

RidersFly 2017 7 Horquillas Freeride

RidersFly was a small crew of Spanish riders back in 2006. Since then, they grew and aren’t limited to only a group of adrenaline junkies anymore. Under their name you will find a competitive team, that takes part in national and international events, a school that prioritises safety and teaching newcomers, a junior team, swag longboard gear and of course freerides.

Their 2017 event plan includes 4 freerides, all taking part in small Spanish towns. If you’re in the mood to visit Spain next year, you should definitely stop at one of their events.

Xert Freeride, March 25th – 26th, 2017

First on the RidersFly calendar is Xert Freeride in March. The first edition of this freeride will take place in a small town called Xert in the province of Castellón (Spain). Located a few kilometers away from Salzadella and Sant Mateu, Xert is also conveniently located close to the airport.

The spot is amazing to skate and the town is very welcoming. We also like doing events in tiny villages because we prefer to bring tourism to small towns rather than large cities.  Maria Giner

RidersFly 2017 Xert Freeride
Sergio Sebastia turning into a right corner at the Xert Freeride track. Photo by Maria Giner

Besides the relaxed and local vibe, attendees will enjoy a 2.5 km long and dynamic road with a bunch of corners and sweapers. With the top speed of 75 km/h, Ridersfly makes sure you’ll get to feel the Spanish breeze.

Furthermore, Xert offers 2 days of freeriding with shuttles, rider insurance and an ambulance crew with a doctor. Moreover, rego also includes water during the event, two meals (lunch) and also a nice camping area in a sport center with showers and toilettes.

The riders limit is set to 100 skaters and the registration fee to 70 euros. If you are interested in Xert freeride, note that the registration starts on February 15th, 2017. All further information will be posted on their event page.

7 Horquillas Freeride, June 3rd – 4th, 2017

Second in line is 7 Horquillas Freeride in the beginning of June. This event will be held in a small village called Condemios de Arriba.

Until now the crew celebrated a birthday of a fellow team rider Tato with a small skate session, but next year they are doing it bigger than ever, as 7 Horquillas Freeride.

Located in the province of Guadalajara, the track is short but sweet. RidersFly said it’s technical, but offers a lot of fun with your friends.

RidersFly 2017 7 Horquillas Freeride
An aerial view of the 7 Horquillas Freeride track

Seven corners packed into 1.4 km of road promise a fun time, while the straights provide an adrenaline rush with a top speed of 80+ km/h.

The riders limit is set to 100, but there is no further information regarding the price at this moment. If you are interested in the 7 Horquillas Freeride, follow their social pages and website for fresh upcoming information.

Salzadella Freeride, July 28th – 30th, 2017

Salzadella is the most known event by RidersFly. Although last year they had decided to cancel their IDF race, because of the low number of riders, they made a decision to keep going with the freeride.

Furthermore, they are also considering doing a race, not and IDF race, but at this moment we can’t promise anything.

This well known track is 2.6 km long with fast corners and smooth pavement. Moreover, longboarders can reach a top speed of 105 km/h and streetlugers up to 115 km/h. In addition to the good protection of the track, marshals will be placed on every corner.

RidersFly 2017 Salzadella Freeride
A shot from last year’s Salzadella Freeride

This three day freeride will host 100 riders. The price of the registration in not know yet, but RidersFly promise that everyone will get their moneys worth. As per usual, rego includes shuttles, rider insurance, an ambulance team with a doctor and a protected track. Moreover, everybody will also get lunch, water during the freeride and will enjoy a camping area in a sports center with showers and toilettes.

Sant Mateu Freeride, October 28th – 29th, 2017

Last but definitely not least, October will mark the 6th Sant Mateu Freeride. The crew will stay in the province of Castellón, but this time move to a different village called Sant Mateu.

This event is described to be appropriate for all riding levels with it’s 1.2 km length, a few corners and some fast sections.

Moreover, the riders limit is not know yet, but the registration price is going to be 70 euros.

As on all RidersFly events, participants will be covered by a shuttle, insurance, ambulance team and two day’s lunch. Besides the track, the camping area is also backed with showers and toilettes to keep you clean after a hard day of riding.

Go-Goats Freeride 2016 by Laféedesrations Derideàroulettes – Event Report

Go-Goats Freeride 2016

September marked our last skate trip of the year and we decided to explore Switzerland and end our trip with our first French event, Go-Goats Freeride.

The second edition of the Go-Goats Freeride took place on September 23 until the 25th. Organised by Laféedesrations Derideàroulettes, everything ran smoothly and the event had a super chill vibe to it.

Go-Goats Freeride 2016

While the price was more expensive for non-members, we really got our money’s worth. The inscription was 85 euros for men and 75 euros for women, a mere 10 euros increase.

Go-Goats Freeride 2016

The road was absolutely intense and super fun. The upper part of the track was fast and narrow and got your heart pumping. Once you got past the first two corners, it started getting interesting. The middle section had an open view of the road and tightly packed corners. Followed by a second fast straight leading into the final hairpin and finally, the finish line.

With a top speed of around 80 km/h, 13 corners packed into 2,3 km and an average grade of 10 %, everybody felt their legs in the evenings.

In addition to the great track, the camp was placed right next to the end of the track, on a big parking lot. In the middle of it was a big tent where riders had breakfast and lunch (included in the price), a beer and a big party in the evening.

Go-Goats Freeride 2016

In conclusion, I would recommend visiting Go-Goats freeride at least once. Everybody was super friendly, the track was immensely fun and the level of skating is super high. Besides the hospitality, the surrounding is also beautiful and offers much needed relaxation after a hard day of skating.

For more info about Laféedesrations Derideàroulettes and their activities, visit their website.

Watch the video

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Transylvania Downhill 2017 by Devastation Longboard Crew

Transylvania Downhill by Devastation Longboard Crew

Last summer, the Devastation Longboard Crew from Romania organised their first big event, Transylvania Downhill. 124 riders attended the event for four days and apparently everyone had a great time.

Adi Shor, one of the organisers, says that they received great feedback so far and they expect more people to show up next year.

Quite a few people announced that they’re coming so we will put the limit to 250 riders. Eventually, if needed, we can extend it to 300. 100 riders for the downhill race and 150 just for the freeride. The event will last 6 days and the track will be a bit longer, with 0.7km adding to it by one hairpin on top and two more on the bottom ~ Adi Shor

In addition to the extended riders limit and the total length of 5.2 km for the race, the organisers plan on making additional improvements.

Next year, riders will enjoy Transylvania Downhill for 6 days total. The first day will be reserved for arrivals and registration. The following three days will host the freeride and the final two days, the downhill race. Adi also noted, that they plan on expanding their working crew to help run things smoother.

Transylvania Downhill

As per usual, riders will use a gondola as a shuttle. But rather than getting your skate shoes muddy, the paths will be improved with stairs and a nice walking surface.

Furthermore, the crew will also install additional side ramps on the freeride / slide jam area. A halfpipe is also to be expected at the chill zone. In regards to entertainment, the crew will set up a big screen Xbox game projection, videos and other activities. They also have big plans for the party area with the Astronaut Kru Soundsystem.

Transylvania Downhill

If you’ve missed their first event, be sure to also check out the Transylvania Downhill 2016 after movie.

Devastation Crew 2017 event range

For season 2017, the Devastation crew announced three events in total, including:

  • Transylvania Downhill / July 3rd – 9th
  • Cincis Skate / August, 11th – 13th
  • Transylvania Freeride / August 31st – September 3rd

New to their agenda is Cinics Skate. This downhill competition by the Lake Cinicis, features a 3 km long downhill track including sweapers and a top speed of over 80 km/h. This event is manly dedicated to locals, as a national championship stage, but everyone is welcome to join the fun.

The 2017 Transylvania Freeride Race Track

The Romanian crew also has another event up their sleeve, the Transylvania Freeride. Held in Pasul Valcan, on the same mountain as their Downhill edition, but on a different ski resort. As the most hardcore race track the crew ever skated, this 4 km long track has the steepest point of 25 %.

To stay on track with Transylvania Downhill and other events, follow the event’s Facebook page or visit the official event website at

IDF announced 2017 Elections

IDF Elections 2017

IDF (International Downhill Federation) announced the 2017 Elections that will take place between January 13th and 15th, 2017. Voting IDF members will decide upon the new IDF Board members managing their race season for the next two years.

The elected 7 Board members will additionally elect 4 Board Directors and executive Board Directors. The current executive Board, President (Cyrille Harnay), General Secretary (Colin Beck) and Treasurer (Lee Cation), will not run for reelection, meaning a completely new executive team will administer the 2017/2018 racing season.

If you wish to be a candidate, you have a chance to apply until December 15th, 2016 through the form available on their website.

You must however, be an IDF paying member for more than a year and preferably not race, as you would need to help at events and contribute at least 5 to 6 hours a week of your time to the federation.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to run, but want to cast your vote, you can do so on January 13th, 2017 online once the candidates are known.

To help you get an insight about what you can expect with a position on the board, IDF published a document of tasks and frequency of work of their current board members and volunteers.

It’s time to turn the scale and step up by running for a position on the board AND by voting for change in the upcoming seasons.

Castelplanio Race – CIDHS 2016 Italian Championship

Sometimes it takes very little to change the tide of a race, what little though, in most cases, can substantially affect the conclusion of a competition or even an entire season: the choice of the most performing setup, adverse conditions weather or sometimes just the irrepressible desire to win, are factors that can really make a difference at the moment to draw the conclusion in a league which ended last weekend in Castelplanio (an) with the last stage of the CIDHS 2016.

Video by Simone Barbizzi (Madrid, Venom, TSG, BoardstyleTuck Yeah)

After Valpolicella (VR), Alto Rock (CN) and Teolo Euroskate (PD), the City of Castelplanio (AN) hosted the final race in a well known road (to some good old riders): it was the track which hosted in 2011 the first edition of Verdicchio race, that was the final of the European Championship IGSA and last race of an Italian Championship still not under the aegis of FIHP: get back on that technical track and full of history is always a thrill, ride it is even more then a blast.

Last preparations before the racing.
Last preparations before the racing.

The summer day and clear skies of Saturday morning immediately put in a good mood all the riders, giving way to a long freeride session to stretch their legs and store 2.5 km of track with the various pitfalls attached: 7 switchbacks, 2 blind corners following long straights stuffed with wide-ranging curves, are the variables that must be taken into account until the last 100 meters straight to the finish line. Although, those damn 100 meters, can make a difference.

Qualifying took place on Saturday afternoon and have followed one to another without problems under the supervision of the Italian Timekeepers Federation (FICr) which recorded two qualifying times for each rider: while in the first run Marcus Aldinucci (3 ‘05.49) flew ahead by 4/10 on Giorgio Garino, in the second timed Giorgio got below 3 minutes and 5 seconds with a time of 3’4.54. Stefano Barbizzi has never moved away from the two finishing in third position with a best time of 3’7.46 obtained in the first run.

Castelplanio Race 2016 qualifying results
Castelplanio Race 2016 qualifying results

The rain on the night between Saturday and Sunday proceeded to give riders a wet awakening and an equally wet track on which have to deal: we tried to stall a bit with various warm up to wait for dry up an average part of the road. Before the scheduled lunch break, the two race batteries respectively in the category Women DH Skateboard and Streetluge went down: for the girls, Giulia Bottazzin collect his second win in the league, crossing the finish line first ahead of Azzurra Felici, and won both last run of the championship and the title of Downhill Skateboard Italian Champion for the first time in the history of Italian downhill skateboarding. Unfortunately went bad for Helene Folliard (aka Lilù), which was also running for the title, that could not attend this last crucial race.

For Streetluge the race is won by Daniel Aldinucci over Samuel Montesi in a single run 2 Man-heat run. Daniele Aldinucci is therefore awarded at the end of the season with the title of Streetluge Italian Champion 2016.

Bottazzin Giulia and Azzurra Felici on the podium for the cat.egory Women DH Skateboard
Bottazzin Giulia and Azzurra Felici on the podium for the cat.egory Women DH Skateboard

After the lunch break we got to the final showdown of the Open DH Skateboard: 25 riders at the start and 4 Man Heats the race format chosen for. For the young Mariano Conti and the former Italian champion 2013 Roberto Marasca, fifth and fourth respectively in the timed runs, the race ends unfortunately at the quarter-finals after a contact between the skateboard of the two: the crash ended the run to the finish line after two hundred meters from the starting line but fortunately neither of riders got physical injuries.

Shortly before the final Open DH Skateboard the rain did not last to fall, restoring the road conditions same as morning: the 4 finalists were invited to make a further warmup by the race director Matteo Fioretti.

The final part run smoothly and 100 meters from the finish line out the last left, Stefano Barbizzi bend in the lead followed by Giorgio Garino that started to gives few big push trying to go despite of the sustained speed: 100 meters were enough to overcome Stefano right before the finish line and Giorgio win not only the fourth round of the Italian Championship but also the title of Italian Champion Downhill Skateboard 2016!

Final overtaking CIDHS 2016 Castelplanio, Barbizzi vs Garino:

[facebook url=””]

The first words of Stefano at the finish area were: “It was the most beautiful run of my life” and it’s not hard to believe that seeing the stunning finish.

Unfortunately the weather condition was not digested by Marcus Aldinucci ending the final in fourth place: Marcus was first in the standings before Giorgio and he has seen his chances to become Italian Champion at this stage, after leading a fantastic season with commitment and dedication and it is certain for us that will come back stronger and more fierce than ever for 2017.

Third place instead for Alessio Damato, back from a quiet top speed of 122.7 km/h in Canada on his board, which concludes this Italian Championship in 2016 in fourth place on the overall standings.

From left to right: 4 finalists in Open DH Skateboard: Stefano Barbizzi, Giorgio Garino, Alessio Damato and Marcus Aldinucci, plus an intruder below ;)
From left to right: 4 finalists in Open DH Skateboard: Stefano Barbizzi, Giorgio Garino, Alessio Damato and Marcus Aldinucci, plus an intruder below ;)

It’s amazing and fascinating at the same time how everything can change in an instant, how the fate of a race can not be written until the finish line and how adrenaline can make any magic while going down on a board with four wheels.

See you at CIDHS 2017, but in the meantime, keep skateboarding fast!

Kyle Wester’s speed record of 143.89 kph announced just a day before L’Ultime Descente

Kyle Wester’s downhill skateboarding speed record announced just a day before L’Ultime Decscent

Just as the L’Ultime Descente race is about to happen tomorrow to set the new world record for various downhill disciplines, Santa Cruz Skateboards and Kyle Wester announced Kyle’s successful attempt to break the downhill skateboarding record by reaching the speed of 143.89 kph (89.41 mph).

I’m still trying to comprehend this because of the massive 13 kph difference from the previous record set by Erik Lundberg being 130.63 kph in Les Eboulements. I guess it’s hard to imagine matching that speed as the L’Ultime Descente track is only 1 km long and the top speed for downhill skateboarding stand-up is around 130 kph+.

The location of the road where Kyle did his run is unknown to the general public.

Check out the speed suit!

What is known and you can see in the video (or see the screenshots below) is that Kyle used some kind of a special speed suit he developed in order to be as aerodynamic as possible and to be able to achieve the maximum speed.

Previous speed records

Erik Lundberg set a world record (WGSA) in Les Eboulements (Canada), documented by Red Bull in May 2016. His descent was measured at 130.63 kph and with going faster by just 0.55 kph, he managed to beat Mischo Erban‘s record of 130.08 kph, witnessed back in 2010 on a road in Colorado, USA.

But Erik Lundberg’s speed record is not safe anymore, due to a new three-day event happening tomorrow, where 100 downhill skateboarders will try to beat it.

L’Ultime Descente, World Speed Record 2016

Until now setting new speed records was kind of a private endeavor with just the athlete and officials recording the stunts and preparing the documentation required to obtain the title.

L’Ultime Descente welcomes locals and visitors to Les Eboulements to witness top line downhill skateboarders, street luge skaters, in-line skaters, and soapbox 2.0 drivers, descending down this legendary road.

The event will take place this weekend, from September 9th till 11th. During the time of the event, the road will be closed for traffic every thirty minutes, where riders will be able to do their run from 8 am to 18 pm.  For more info follow their Facebook event page here.

L'Ultime Descente 2016

So far we haven’t noticed any public riders list, but we’ve done some research and Erik Lundberg is flying in to hold his record, as well as Max Ballesteros, Pete Connolly, Emily Pross, Adam Persson, and Mauritz Armfelt, just to name a few…

To give you a taste of the drop, here’s a photo showing the top speed section.

Route du Port in Les Éboulements. Photo by Norman Richard via Panoramio.
Route du Port in Les Éboulements. Photo by Norman Richard via Panoramio.

UPDATE: Pete Connolly in the Guinness World Records as the fastest downhill skateboarder

In 2018 Pete Connolly, the fastest downhill skateboarder in the ”stand-up skateboard” category at L’Ultime Descente, got his record confirmed by the Guinness World Records, making his mark in the history of downhill skateboarding.

GRRRLS* Skate Fest 2016 returns to Bielefeld and Kesselbrink skate park this September

GRRRLS* Skate Fest 2016

This September, the GRRRLS* can skate crew will throw down another edition of GRRRLS* Skate Fest and once again bring together girls* in skateboarding, regardless the deck size or skating style. The event will take place from Friday, September 16th till Sunday, September 18th 2016 in Kesselbrink skate park (Bielefel, Germany).

With the project they want to question social certainties and break constraints, so that people can live and love independently. They are working as a self-organised group since 2014 that organizes events and supports / practices emancipatory girl*/women* work by skateboarding.

Again and again they noticed many young girls* and women* that want to experience skate- and longboarding and they wanted to promote/support that.

Grrrls* see their work as an educational work and believe that sport – as socialisation experience – is an important approach of youth and adult education and a good way to work against gender stereotypes in order to reduce them. They love to combine the practice of skating and the theory of questioning gender roles, to create new images and role models.

Like at the first Grrrls* Skate Fest in 2015, Grrrls* want to focus on showcasing all different skateboarding disciplines (there’s Street, a wooden BMX park, Vert Ramp, Longboard Dancing and Freestyle) but in a non-competition orientated contest.

The goal is to give female skaters more visibility and offer a safe place to push their limits as well as to overcome a fear of skating in public without being ranked or judged. True to the motto The important thing is not winning but taking part!

The GRRRLS* will also organise the mini fun contest again to get all skill levels and skaters from skateboarding and longboarding together and have a good time.

Iris Besseling at Grrrls* Skate Fest 2015 : Photo by Marius Landwehr Photography
Iris Besseling at Grrrls* Skate Fest 2015 : Photo by Marius Landwehr Photography

They can look back with such pleasure on a perfect weekend with 35 skaters, 45 workshop participants and over 600 visitors and can’t wait for September to come!

On the last day everything will be about learning how to skate. The Skate Fest will offer different skate workshops for skateboarding and longboarding with experienced instructors for different skill levels.

All girls* and women*, lesbians, queers, trans*people, intersex-people, butches, dykes and femmes are welcome!

GRRRLS* Skate Fest 2016 Schedule

Day 1 – Friday, September 16, 2016

  • Skater’s BBQ (all participants are welcome)

Day 2 – Saturday, September 17, 2016

  • Grrrls*-Skate session
  • Showcase
    • Skatepark (Streets, Wood Park, Vert)
    • Longboard Dancing + Freestyle
  • Mini Fun Contest
  • After Show Party at Gegenüber

Day 3 – Sunday, September 18 2016

  • Workshops for Beginner (longboard and skateboard)
  • Open skate session at the Kesselbrink
While you're there, be sure to grab a sticker : Photo via Grrrls* can skate
While you’re there, be sure to grab a sticker : Photo via Grrrls* can skate

Stay on track with Grrrls* can skate.
Follow them via Instagram or Facebook.

Want to see more photos?
Check out the photos from Grrrls* Skate Fest 2015 via Marius Landwehr Photography.

* women, lesbian, trans, inter

Italian Downhill Skateboarding Championship 2016

Italian Downhill Skateboarding Championship 2016 – Part 1/2

Last year’s annual circuit was held only on Verdicchio Race, but 2016 Downhill Skateboard Italian Championship consists of four races. It is set up to be a tour that brings together Italian skaters and gives them even more roads to skate and a chance to win the title that is the Italian Champion.

Downhill Skateboard Italian Championship

CIDHS 2016 Race Lineup

The opening race in a 2016 lineup was Ambrose Downhill Challenge in the beginning of July in Valpolicella (Verona). The second race of a CIDHS circuit was Alto Rock race at the end of July, shortly followed by Euroskate 2016 in Teolo (Padova) in the beginning of August. The last race of CIDHS 2016, Castello Race will be held in September in Castelplanio (Ancona).

Jump to:

  1. Ambrose Downhill Challenge
  2. Alto Rock 2016
  3. Euroskate 2016
  4. Castello Race


July 2nd – 3rd 2016, Valpolicella (Verona) – The Ambrose Downhill Challenge took place in Verona and opened this year’s Italian Championship.

Practice run at Ambrose Downhill Challenge 2016
Practice run at Ambrose Downhill Challenge 2016

Ambrose Qualification Results

During the timed qualifications, Giorgio Garino dominated the race with a time of 3.04,81. Right after him, Stefano Barbizzi had the best time of 3.08,56 and Marcus Aldinucci 3.09,81.

Ambrose Final Results

In Open Skateboard final heat, Marcus Aldinucci won the race, followed by Giorgio Garino on the second, Guiseppe Maltese on the third and Filippo Salerni on the fourth place.

In Women’s category two girls raced, Helene Folliard won and Giulia Bottazzin was second.

The Street luge podium included Luca Santolamazza taking the first place, Daniele Aldinucci taking second and Maurizio De Pollo taking third place.

2. ALTO ROCK 2016

July 30th – 31st 2016, Alto (Cuneo) – Alto Rock race presents the steepest track in the circuit with 22,72% grade. Race format is 2 man heats, first one down takes the win. The track is 1,9 km long and will definitely keep your heart rate up.

Riders getting ready for another run at Alto Rock 2016.
Riders getting ready for another run at Alto Rock 2016.

Alto Rock 2016 Qualification Results

After registering on Saturday, the riders dropped in for a warmup run and then started racing to qualify. Top five riders who qualified were Giorgio Garino followed by Stefano Barbizzi, D’amato Alessio, Castagnola Giorgio and Simeone Alessio.

On early Sunday afternoon as the weather was better then expected, twenty riders gathered on the start line and started racing, head to head in two man heats.

Alto Rock 2016 Final Results

Giorgio Garino won the final run racing Stefano BarbizziMarcus Aldinucci placed third by winning a race with Alessio Simeone.

Open Skateboard: 1st Giorgio Garino – 2nd Stefano Barbizzi – 3rd Marcus Aldinucci
Open Skateboard: 1st Giorgio Garino – 2nd Stefano Barbizzi – 3rd Marcus Aldinucci

Hellene Folliard had an accident during a qualifying run and couldn’t race so the first place was left to Giulia Bottazzin.

Maurizio De Pollo won a street luge podium, Daniele Aldinucci placed second.


August 4th – 7th 2016, Teolo (Padova) – Roll Club Padova organised another successful edition of Teolo Euroskate race, joining inline downhill skating and downhill skateboarding for the 13th time already.

Federico Falco, Andrea Moreni and Simeon Alessio (in the back) ready for a test session.
Federico Falco, Andrea Moreni and Simeon Alessio (in the back) ready for a test session.

Riders were racing in a usual 4 man heats format with timed qualifications on a 1.6 km long road with an average incline of 12 percent.

Teolo Euroskate 2016 Qualification Results

In Open Skateboard category, Giorgio Garino had the best qualification time 01: 59.271 and broke a 2 minutes threshold. Filippo Salerni was the second fastest with time 02: 00.693 followed  by Marcus Aldinucci with 02:00.861.

In Women’s Skateboard category, Giulia Bottazzin was the fastest girl on the track with 02:12.643 followed by Hellene Folliard  with 02:17.559 and young newcomer from Lazio, Felici Azzurra with 02:24.786.

In Junior Skateboard category Mariano Conti was racing solo and crossed the line with the total time of 02:04.600.

Teolo Euroskate 2016 Final Results

In Open Skateboard final heat Marcus Aldinucci crossed the finish line first, Filippo Salerni was right behind him and finished second while Stefano Barbizzi and Giorgio Garino had a contact on the 4th hairpin and missed the opportunity for the win. Stefano ended up being third and Giorgio fourth.

Women’s Skateboard category racing was intense to the last hairpin where Hellene Folliard confirmed the lead and crossed the finish line first. Giulia Bottazzin followed by placing second and Felici Azzurra got third.

Teolo Euroskate 2016 Podium
Teolo Euroskate 2016 Podium

For the Luge category the challenge was determined directly with a final run of four riders: Daniel Aldinucci was the fastest and placed first followed by his brother Riccardo Aldinucci. Andrea Morellini placed third while Maurizio De Pollo crashed and ended up with the fourth place.

4. CASTELLO RACE (Coming soon)

September 17th – 18th 2016, Ancona – The last event in the Italian Downhill Skateboarding Championship tour will take place in Ancona. Standard race format of 4 man heats on a 2,1 km road and average gradient of 5,83% will decide who takes home the title.

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Current rankings

At the time of writing this post, Marcus Aldinucci is on top of ranking list with 2700 points. Giorgio Garino is currently positioned on the second place with 2450 points. Stefano Barbizzi managed to get 2100 points and is currently on the third place. Source: CIDHS rankings.

Let’s wait and see what the results of Castello Race will be like. Longboard Magazine will keep you posted, but you can also follow Italian Skateboarding Commission’s website (in Italian language).

Shoutout to Federico Barbezio for providing information and photos.
Photos presented in this post are a courtesy of Italian Skateboarding Commission.

KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2016 Daily Updates

KnK Longboard Camp

Welcome to #KNK2016

The first KnK Longboard Camp was organised back in 2009 and has been setting records as one of the most “talked about” freerides in Europe since it was moved to the Bear’s Guts track in 2011. This year’s KnK Longboard Camp presented by Kebbek Skateboards returns with two six days freerides, including the Red Bull No Paws Down race at the first and the Cult Single Set Survivors race at the second week.

KnK Week #1 took place from July 25th to July 30th and KnK Week #2 from August 2nd to August 8th, in the wildest part of Slovenia, Osilnica near Kočevje.




Make sure to bookmark this page and visit it often as it will be updated daily, straight from the Bear’s Guts track. Stay tuned!

Patrick Lombardi wins Red Bull No Paws Down 2016 World Championship

Patrick Lombardi wins Red Bull No Paws Down 2016 World Championship

After five days of warming up on the Bear’s Guts, the riders were finally ready for Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship which took place on the last day of KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2016.

Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship 2016. Photo by CK Photography
Pablo Quiles (Gnarlicante) in the focus. Photo by CK Photography

This year’s Week #1 at KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp was blessed with good weather and we ended up by having in total only one full day of rain (two half wet days, Monday and Thursday). The rest of it was sunny and hot with the race day being the hottest.

Everyone had more then enough time to get used to the track and improve their stand-up sliding skills. The organisation crew was running things really smooth and delivered in average around ten runs per day.

Related: KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp Daily Updates & Videos

Half way through the event it was becoming more and more clear that the competition this year will be harder then last year. Everyone were shredding hard to keep up with the rest but nobody really stressed about the race. Good vibes and fun times with skate buddies were the main focus of every single individual.

All together there were 195 riders participating at this year’s KnK freeride and 117 signed up for the RBNPD race. Some of them later decided not to race for various reasons so in total 72 riders raced to qualify.

After one warmup and three quali runs, 32 riders qualified and raced in the four man heats followed by the freeride runs.

Semi-Final live stream by Emily Pross via @redbull Facebook page

During the seventh run of the day, Emily Pross chased down the racers in Semi-Final and streamed live video to Red Bull Facebook page.

Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship 2016. Photo by CK Photography
Emily Pross aiming for the apex. Photo by CK Photography

Emily got hurt during the run in the first hairpin, but despite the injury she skated all the way to the finish line. Everyone was amazed by her determination to finish the run. Later during the evening we were all very happy to hear the she’s OK.

Spiders coming!

Around 4:30pm the Consolation and Final heats dropped into the Guts. Both heats were intense and delivered much excitement to Corner 8 a.k.a. “The Root Corner”.

Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship 2016. Photo by CK Photography
From left to right: Ryka Mohammadian, Patrick Lombardi, Ian Freire. Photo by CK Photography

In the Final heat, RBDNP 2015 champion Ian Freire (Brazil) battled with Patrick Lombardi (Italy), Ryka Mohammadian (USA) and Nico Gallmann (Switzerland), but didn’t manage to keep his title. The stakes were high as the money prize for the first place was 1,000 Euros, for the second 500 and for the third place 300 Euros.

Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship 2016 Results

1st Patrick Lombardi (Italy)
2nd Ryka Mohammadian (USA)
3rd Ian Freire (Brazil)
4th Nico Gallmann (Switzerland)

The stoke level was off the chart as the young Italian gipsy became a new Red Bull No Paws Down World Champion, repping DB Longboards, Cloud Ride Wheels and of course, his Gispy crew.

After the Final heat, the rest of freeriders gathered around in the finish and carried the champions to the podium. It was epic!

This photo by Brandon DesJarlais (Moonshine MFG) says it all.

Red Bull No Paws Down 2016 podium. Photo by Brandon Desjarlais

Party time with NCODNC, DJ SEMO and ZUBLIME

As all the other nights, everyone got together at the party place where the champs walked the podium once again followed by a metal concert performed by NCODNC from Slovenia, rap concert by one the riders Emil Birch – ZublimE and of course, Joey Biedner and Sebastian Schneider spun the KebbeK Wheel of Misfortune. As DJ Semo played some wicked tunes, the crowd was getting more and more drunk… What happened next should stay in Osilnica :)

Huge shoutout to everyone who helped running the event especialy to Course marshals and the whole KnK organisation crew, Maga and Rob McWhinnie, Ry Swanton, the Red Bull crew and Hotel Kovač staff. Word up!

Special thanks to CK Photography for awesome photos :)

KebbeK Skateboards @
Cult Wheels @
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Sabre Trucks @
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Izdebki camp: Release The Kraken 2016

Izdebki camp: Release The Kraken 2016

The 4th edition of Izdebki Camp happened in the second weekend of July, with a pirate theme and loads of activities for the participants. This year’s edition featured 2 days of freeriding, a race day, timed runs, a slide jam & best trick contest and also a mini ramp session with generous prizes for the winners. As this was not enough, to keep the party going, riders also enjoyed a concert of three bands and off the hook parties with a drink called Bimber!

Read through the words of Arjan Koek, the chill and tallest Dutch skater we know and get his insight on what went down at Izdebki camp, Release the Kraken edition.

Fire away, Arjan!

Izdebki camp 2016 report by Arjan Koek

Ahoy land lovers and scallywags! This is a mighty tale about the serpentine road of Izdebki, where every year us pirates come and fight the Kraken arrrrgg! We are armed with wooden planks, loads of ale and fireworks and we charge the hill fighting the beast! Arrrgggg … A pirate life for me!

Izdebki camp: Release The Kraken 2016

Izdebki Camp is a freeride located in the beautiful hills of Poland, in a small village called Izdebki. The whole event was organized by Alternative Longboards and although the track wasn’t the most challenging, the pavement was very good and grippy, the corners were wide and had flow, so big pack runs and blasting down the road was the main priority even for beginners!

Before the freeride, I got the chance to visit the Alternative Longboards HQ, where I had an impressive tour of their factory and even heard some of their yummy secrets. If was awesome to see how dedicated they are to making top quality products and caring for the development and improving their technology to make great longboards, done by awesome skaters.

We arrived at Izdebki Camp on Friday evening, parked our car and walked up to an impressive mansion to get in line for the inscription. The atmosphere was chill and the beer was already flowing. The same day we had a slide jam as the start for the amazing weekend. The friendly slide session featured a longest slide contest, hands down and no hands, the most creative slide and other activities that got us warmed up and gave us a chance to meet the other riders.

Izdebki camp: Release The Kraken 2016

On Saturday morning, a little after 9 o’clock we started the first run. The shuttles and start were easy going, the sun was shining and there was no limit on the size of the pack that could start the run. We got six runs in before the rain came, but at least that gave us time to have a lunch break as my legs were already killing me. We continued skating soon after, as the road dried up and enabled us to enjoy the track until 4 pm.

After the freeride the fun wasn’t over. Chilling and grilling came into play as well as a game called longboard jousting. Yes, you heard it right, two guys skating towards each other while trying to knock out the other skater off his board, using a big beam of wood and a boxing glove duck taped to the end to keep it ”safe” haha. This wildly entertaining game brought forth the winner, my buddy Jerom Geunens.

A mini ramp session followed, with a best combo and best trick contest. I managed to take home the win for best combo, so this was my favorite game of them all.

The friendly competition didn’t stop there, as later we watched four teams of pirates on little rafts battle each other with fireworks on the lake right next to the mansion. To wild to be true, but it actually happened – only on Izdebki! They rounded up all the survivors, brought out the rum and ale and the party was lit late into the night.

The last day, on Sunday the 10th, we enjoyed another sunny day with people riding the track in bigger packs. The vibe of the freeride was perfect and I really didn’t want for it to be over. At the end of the day, my legs decided to skip the uphill push race and because of the long drive back home, I missed the death race. I later saw the footage and pictures and it looked like it was epic, check them out for yourself!

I am now back home and can legitimately say that Izdebki Camp was a blast! I would also like to thank everyone involved in the organization for making it super fun for everybody to attend. It was awesome .. arrrrrgggg!

For everyone who couldn’t make it, check out my pirate edit and photos from my girlfriend and talented photographer Natalia Mielniczuk and get stoked for next years edition of Izdebki Camp!

Video & Edit: Arjan Koek
Photos by: Natalia Mielniczuk Photography /

Tregaron Freeride 2016

Tregaron Freeride 2016 / Photo Jack Patten

Video: Tregaron Freeride 2016 – Brianne Collective / Newton’s Shred Longboard Shop

When the European scene imagines skating in the United Kingdom most ponder on a lack of hills, heavy rain and a scene lacking in downhill orientation. Tregaron Freeride 2016 too was expected to turn out in such a way; with no good footage from the year before , a forecast for heavy rain and only about 75 signed up things were not looking good. However in a odd turn of events a weekend of sun met the fresh faced riders with fast uplifts and no real time limit meaning skating ended when riders were tired.

Tregaron Freeride 2016 / Photo by J Patten Photography

Tregaron Freeride (based in West Wales and run by the Brianne Collective) is a small scale simple freeride which 3 aims; Bring the UK downhill scene together, provide a safe and competitive race and provide as much as 70 freeride runs in a weekend.

Cam Deegan and I started setting up the hill with the installation of the mini ramp (lovingly nicknamed the Jank Ramp by the riders) and spent the night sleeping in the comfort of the uplift van. Rain Pursued us continually and with Sion Hughes and Ry Swanton joining us the weather was bringing high spirits down. Once riders arrived that evening small groups caught up after a month or so from the last event. Old faces like Oli Slaughter and Josh Monk appeared and shared stories and wise words until the early hours of the morning.

We all awoke to a cold morning but were soon warmed by the mysterious orb of light from the sky. Uplifts started once riders were awoken and huge pack runs ensued. As a hill Tregaron features two hairpins and three straights where drafting tactics make racing fun. At around 4pm our own no hand down race (stand up and squat slides only) started with Alfie Lewis seen as a favourite. However gym goer Luke Batchelor used his new found gains for the better and was able to grasp a victory.

In the evening we were hosted by the lovely Y talbot hotel where riders consumed vast quantities of a very edible Lasange. Crumble (a traditional English dessert) followed and racing plans were read to their riders as hungry stomachs were filled. Racing the next day proved to be hugely competitive. Only about 2 top UK riders were missing on their travels to Romania and the open bracket was filled with probably the best 48 UK riders from the last few years.

Once riders had been seeded into their brackets heats were completely stacked with evenly matched competitors all chasing BDSL points and bragging rights. Fair and close racing was had but with points going off to the British Downhill Skateboarding League competition was high and passes (a few on the sketchy side) were made.

The British Downhill Skateboarding League is a collaborative project aimed at raising the standard of UK racing by collating points from all the separate outlaws and closed road events. Currently Pete Connolly (OG heavy hitting rider) sits at the top but points are close and there are still many fixtures to come.

Tregaron Freeride 2016 / Photo by J Patten Photography

In the final Pete Connolly and Van Stone (both footbreaking) were able to break ahead of Bodhi Keen and Ras Sarunas and hold the lead until the end. As the day came towards the end most looked exhausted and riders started to drift towards leaving.

Tregaron Freeride 2016 / Photo by J Patten Photography

We grabbed some opinions from the Open winner – Pete Connolly and the Women’s race Winner – Hermione Pearson:

Not many things make me as happy as a closed road with uplifts. Brianne Collective run a tight ship, meaning no disappointment regarding the number of runs. The event is well organised whilst still retaining a really nice chilled vibe. I’ve only ever visited Wales for downhill skateboarding events, but I love the landscape and it’s been cool to see their spots and try different hills. It’s a great place to learn and improve. The opportunity to push your own limits, without car fear, whilst riding close but comfortably with familiar faces is one of the best parts. Im hesitant to say it, but the challenge of navigating complete strangers and having to react quickly when you can’t predict their riding style is actually starting to grow on me too. I love seeing the overall standard of riding rising every time I go to an event and there’s a real satisfaction in making progress when going back to spots you’ve skated a long time ago.
Big thanks to everyone who works relentlessly to make these things happen! ~ Hermione Pearson

The British Downhill Skateboard League’s (BDSL) Tregaron National Race was the best race UKDH has seen! The whole event was contained on a private road and had great facilities including a mini-ramp! Uplifts were fast and running on a loop road, Brianne Collective are getting slick at their event organisation…. events like this help grow the DH scene in the UK and sharpen all the riders, there are so many fast guys of all ages in the UK now that it blows my mind! ~ Pete Connolly

All in all it was lovely too see everyone before we all head our separate ways for the summer. Although the UK scene is small the downhill scene is tight knit with riders nearly all good friends. Our hills may mostly be around a mile or under (except for a few quiet gems) but the enthusiasm most have in the scene makes up for it. The UK skate companies are nearly all on the ground supporting events not only by putting money behind them but by attending too. As wise brands known if you nurture the roots the tree will grow. We have so much to thank the brands which support Tregaron Freeride for.

We would like to thank:

BTR Leathers
Cult Wheels
Vandem Boardshop
Sabre Trucks
Lush Longboards
Area One Boards
Slide Perfect Wheels
Newton’s Shred Longboard Shop
Octane Sport
Arbor Skateboards
Sector 9 Europe
Boardlogic Skateboards
Seismic Skate

We would also like to thank the race director who was responsible for the smoothness the races ran under: Dan Shinnie of Boardlogic.

Photos: J Patten Photography

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 Daily Updates & Live Videos

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 Day #4 – Race day & Results

Welcome to Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016

The Master Championship from Outer Space returns this year bigger and more challenging then ever. Organised by the BIGMOUNTAINSKATE crew,  Sector 9 Almabtrieb IDF WCQ race will be held on one of the fastest tracks in the circuit, high up in the Austrian alps, from July 13th till 16th, 2016. Around 180 downhill skateboarders (stand-up only) will battle down the 3.8 km long track hitting the speeds over 100kph and the fastest will take home the unmatchable title of the “Almabtrieb Champion 2016”.

Keep this tab open and check back daily for video and photo recaps, published straight from the event by Mihael Zadravec, Nadia Hozić and Alex Ireton.


For live streams, be sure to follow and subscribe to Longboard Magazine Facebook page.



Make sure to bookmark this page and visit it often as it will be updated daily, straight from the event.

Transylvania Downhill 2016 Event Report

Transylvania Downhill 2016 / Photo by Adrian Crapciu

Romania just had its first international downhill event, and we simply can’t wait for the next one.

“How about Transylvania?” read the message that I found in my inbox after coming back from Bigmountainskate’s Alpenrauschen freeride. I hadn’t heard anything about the event yet, but a quick look at the website told me enough; a fun looking track leading up to a ski resort, complete with a gondola and accommodation in the resort’s hotels.

Transylvania Downhill 2016 / Photo by Adrian Crapciu

Two weeks later I stepped off a plane in Cluj-Napoca, a city in the heart of Romania from where I hitched a ride to Straja for the very first edition of Transylvania Downhill.

Transylvania Downhill 2016 / Photo by Adi Sor

The riders got set up in three hotels directly at the top of the track, next to the gondola’s top station. The hotels were well-equipped, with on suite bathrooms for every room and both breakfast and dinner included in the riders package. Noise was also not a problem, as the party area was a bit down the track, in the first corner.

Transylvania Downhill 2016 / Photo by Mitroi Andrei

On my first run, it became clear to me pretty quickly that I had been wrong about the track. ‘Fun looking’ is definitely not the way to describe this 7 kilometers long monster, while the race was held on it’s most challenging section stretching down to 4.5 kilometers.

The straights launch you into some seriously tight sweepers, of which some are followed by hairpins that drop up to 2 meters to spit you out with a load of exit speed for the next straight.

It seems to never end, and when it does, you’re back up within 15 minutes because the gondola is just a short walk through the woods away. Ludwig Forss apparently managed to hammer down 16 runs in one day, a number any organizer can be proud of, especially when the track is as long as this one.

The track is probably the best closed road I’ve ever skated, with a perfect balance between fast- and technical sections leaving you wanting more as soon as you arrive at the bottom.

Transylvania Downhill 2016 / Photo by Bogdan Blendea

Racing on this track was definitely a challenge. The race was held on a 4.5 kilometers long section of the track which, although shorter, is still more than long enough to make your legs hurt after tucking through it. The sweepers also get really tight when racing gets close, which makes it important to make your overtakes at the right moment.

Sebastian Hertler, Andreas Mangold, Ludwig Forss, and Anders Inde rode a tight final, with Hertler taking first, Inde second, Forss third and Mangold fourth.

After the race, the boys from Astronaut Soundsystem threw an amazing rave-like party with a huge soundsystem. People partied till sunrise, fueled by the locals’ homemade palinka schnapps and stoke that had accumulated over the last two days.

Transylvania Downhill 2016 / Photo by Cristian Stern

It’s amazing to see how a close-knit group of friends all pull together to make an event like this happen. Over 30 volunteers helped to make everything run smoothly, and although there were some minor hiccups, I have an endless amount of respect for the crew.

There haven’t been any Events in Romania on this scale, and none of the organizers have been to an event this size. To run your first event without having any examples of how things should be done is a big gamble, but it paid off. I had a great event and will definitely be coming back next year.

See you all next year! ~Robert Cornelis

Wolzen Bolzen Freeride 2016 Annuncement

Wolzen Bolzen 2016 Freeride

A new event announcement just popped up on the horizon and it’s a freeride in Switzerland! For all of you who are familiar with the beauty that is Switzerland, you will not be surprised that Wolzen Bolzen offers not only a fun road to skate but also a scenic ride.

Wolzen Bolzen 2016 Freeride

This year’s Wolzen Bolzen downhill skateboard freeride will take place on the 1st and 2nd of October in Nesslau-Krummenau, Switzerland. Riders will be able to enjoy a nice 5.5 km long road, unlimited chairlift shuttles and a camping place conveniently placed next to the party tent on the top of the track.

If I tickled your interest, than be on the lookout for the registration that opens on the 14th of August at 12:00 MEZ. You can sign up via Riders limit is set at 130 so make sure to grab your spot on time. The price is 100,00 CHF (currently 92,14 Euro).

For more info about the Wolzen Bolzen freeride visit

Watch the Wolzen Bolzen 2014 video

KnK Longboard Camp 2016 presented by Kebbek Skateboards

KnK Longboard Camp 2016 presented by Kebbek Skateboards

The first KnK Longboard Camp was organised back in 2009 and has been setting records as one of the most “talked about” freerides in Europe since it was moved to the Bear’s Guts track in 2011. This year’s KnK Longboard Camp presented by Kebbek Skateboards returns with two six days freerides, including the Red Bull No Paws Down race at the first and the Cult Single Set Survivors race at the second week.

KnK Longboard Camp 2016 presented by Kebbek Skateboards


Before I get started with all the event details, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who had fun with us at Bear’s Guts so far and everyone who is joining us for the first time this year.

When we organised the KnK for the first time in 2009, I never thought that it will become a worldwide recognised freeride with such a big impact on the European downhill skateboarding community. This would have never been possible without the awesome people like yourself. So, thank you very much and I’m looking forward to see you all very soon :)

This year’s KnK Longboard Camp 2016 presented by Kebbek Skateboards will once again be a BigMountainSkate partner event and if you’re joining us for the first time, here’s all of the event details. Just in case if you have any questions left unanswered, write them in a comment section below and I will reply as soon as posible.

Ok, let’s get down with it :)

About the Bear’s Guts track

There’s a good reason why Bear’s Guts is one of the best freeride tracks in our part of the World.

Gallery: Aerial shots by Felix Rupitsch and Florian Wagner.

KnK Longboard Camp features a 4 kilometers long road carved into a beautiful mountain in the wildest part of Slovenia, near a small town called Osilnica. It’s packed with 18 hairpins which are up to 10 meters wide, so there’s a lot of room to play around with your slides.

The Bear’s Guts has one of the smoothest pavements you’ll find around and there’s no pavement changes from start till finish, which makes it great for learning and improving your freeride skills. The top speed you might hit on the Bear’s Guts is around 80+ km/h and the steepest grade is 14 percent.

The Bear’s Guts is a very demanding track, but beginners are also welcome to join us. You’ll need to know how to perform at least one slide to get down the Bear’s Guts “safely” and you’ll have 6 days to learn the rest. The main idea behind this event is to be able to skate that amazing road for a week and progress as much as you would in a couple of months of shredding your local spots.

Required and recommended protection gear

At KnK Longboard Camp, a leather suit is not required, but it’s highly recommended for beginners. The only required protection gear is a full-face helmet and slide gloves. Although the knee and elbow pads are optional, you might want to consider wearing them, as well as a back protector.

Gallery: Action shots by Villing Chong.

Riders limit and registration

There are two editions of KnK Longboard Camp each year. The huge track, experienced crew and flawless organisation allows KnK to take in 250 riders per event (week).

Camping is included in the price and you’ll need to take care of the food and drinks yourself. Registration has already started, so make sure to join while you still can.


As I mentioned, camping is included in the price, as well as the warm showers and toilette facilities in the hotel. If you want to rent a room, you have to book it early via the Hotel Kovač website.

Gallery: Aerial shots by Felix Rupitsch and Florian Wagner.

You can rent a single or a double room for around 30 to 35 Euros per night or a bed in a dorm for 18 Euros per night. If you’re traveling with a camper, you can hook up to electricity but you’ll need your own cable.

Food and drinks at KnK Longboard Camp

You’ll need to walk only 5 minutes to get to the nearest and only store in the village where you can get some food for breakfast. That’s a great alternative to a bit more costly offer at Hotel Kovač, which is usually 5 Euros for all you can eat (sausages, fried eggs, yogurt, pancakes, toast sandwich with ham and cheese, fresh fruit, croissants, coffee or tea, etc).

At KnK the track runs from 11am till 6pm without stopping, but you can take a break from skating and get your lunch right there on the spot.

At KnK the track runs from 11am till 6pm without stopping, but you can take a break from skating and get your lunch at the start (on the track). You can choose from grilled meat, kebab, falafel and similar and the prices stretch from 3 to 4 Euros.

After a full day of skating, you can have a dinner at the Hotel Kovač for a discounted price of 6.5 Euros. You’ll be served with a three course meal (soup, salad, main meal and possibly a desert). Vegans and vegetarians are covered as well. While you’re at it, you can also grab a cool beer for 2.20 Euros.

How to pack for KnK Longboard Camp

Since KnK Longboard Camp is a six days long event, you’ll have to pack a bit more stuff. Usually it gets hot up on the track and you’ll sweat a lot, so make sure you have enough t-shirts, socks and underwear – at least two pieces per day.

Pack a sweater for the evening hangouts at the party place too. Nights are not cold, but there’s a lot of humidity in the air. Weather got a bit sketchy in the past couple of years, so you might want to pack for the rain as well. Just like for Alpenrauschen, I’ll grab an extra pair of shoes.

Don’t forget your swimming suit, because there’s a nice river flowing next to the campsite where you can refresh yourself in the morning and show off your water jumping skills in the late afternoon. I would also recommend to have a gazebo tent if you want to enjoy some shade in the campsite since it’s placed on an open field.

Other than that, if you’re camping, you’ll obviously need your own tent and other camping gear, like a flash light, sleeping bag etc.

Red Bull No Paws Down @ #KNK2016 Week #1

This summer at KNK we’re proud to announce that Rob & Maga McWhinnie are coming back to Bear’s Guts with their bad-ass Red Bull No Paws Down race.

Racers have to make their way down the steep twisting track using stand up slides for braking. With hairpins & speeds up to 80 Km/h (50 mph) it’s truly a show of skill & nerve from riders from all levels. If you put your hands down, you’re out!

The race will be held on July 30th (the last day of Week #1) and during the race freeride will run as usual, so even if you’re not racing, you’ll still get a full day of skating.

The last year’s champion Ian Freire is coming back to defend his title, as well as Dominic Schenk who placed second is already registered for both weeks and ready to take home 1k Euros prize money.

Cult Single Set Survivors @ #KNK2016 Week #2

Doesn’t it suck when you race and don’t have enough wheels to change them every run, but others do? For sure it does. That’s why Nadim and I decided to organise a fun race where riders are allowed to skate the whole race with only one set of wheels of their choice.

A big thank you goes to Cult Wheels for supporting the idea and sponsoring with wheels. Racers will have an option to get a set of Cult wheels for a small fee of 20 Euros which will contribute towards money prize fund. Whether they’re going to use the Cult or some other wheels for the race, it’s totally up to rider’s choice.

Last year Matt Elver swept the first place with the longest board on the track, the Hackbrett Wasser. Here’s a video of the final run shot by Alexander “Alextiki” Frischauf.

#KNK2016 Partners

A big THANK YOU goes to our partners as well.

KnK Longboard Camp 2016 Sponsors

How to join Kebbek KnK Longboard Camp

To register, visit the KnK registration page and submit the registration form.

Who & Where to follow

We will share more cool stuff about Kebbek KnK via our Instagram profile Stay on track with us on Facebook page Longboard Magazine, and of course, the KnK Longboard Camp event page.

That’s it, folks! I’m looking forward to see you all soon on the Bear’s Guts!

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 race track preview and event information

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016

Update, June 30th 2016
The crew went the track and filmed a rad raw run with Nico Nührig.

After taking a break in 2015, a four day race Sector 9 Almabtrieb returns to this year’s Eurotour and joins the BigMountainSkate events lineup. Previous editions were organised on a rad road in Germany, but this year the race moves to Austria.

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 race track preview and event information

As usual, we can expect some of the world’s most know downhill skateboarders on the Almabtrieb’s riders list. The race supports stand-up downhill skateboarding only and it’s an IDF WQS race. This also means that in order to register for the Almabtrieb race, you must be a member of the IDF.

About the Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 track

The crew was busy scouting the Austrian mountains in search for that perfect road which would match the Almabtrieb’s reputation and recently they finally found one.

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016

The event will take place from 13th till 16th  of July
 2016 in Loser Berg / Altaussee
 / Loser Panoramastraße, Altaussee in Austria.

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 will feature a 3.9 km alpine road with an elevation drop of 405 meters surrounded with spectacular nature and breathtaking views. The track is at an altitude of around 1800 meters above the sea level and in the same area as the Alpenrauschen track. The track has the steepest grade at around 19% and the crew already gave it a try and reported the top speed to exceed 100 km/h (62MPH+). You’ll be happy to know that there’s a sick hairpin waiting for you at the end of it.

Not for beginners

Just like for Alpenrauschen, beginners should think twice before joining this race. Serious downhill skills are required and the competition might be too hard to handle, but you’re always welcome to give it a try and watch the rest of the race if you drop out. In contrast to that, those more expirienced will be able to blow out some steam.

Riders limit and registration, accommodation

Everyone is uber hyped about this year’s Almabtrieb and it’s expected to be sold out very fast. If you are down for serious racing, make sure that you don’t miss the registration, which should start on Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 at 8pm CET via the BMS website.

The riders limit will be set at 180 and the registration fee is expected to be 199 Euros with camping included. If you want to sleep in a bed, there will be some rooms available in a hotel nearby. Price for the room is not known yet. The campsite is located just at the end of the road, next to a big alpine hut.

For inquiries regarding the room rental, it’s the best to get in touch with the BMS crew via the official email address and ask about it.

Food and drinks at Almabtrieb

So far all we can say is that that there will be a restaurant with a bar next to the campsite where you’ll be able to grab something to eat and drink.

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 Start View

How to pack for Almabtrieb

You should consider packing the same stuff as for Alpenrauschen freeride with an addition of camping gear. In July, the nights in the mountains should be a bit warmer, but you’ll still need some warm clothes to feel comfortable when the night falls.

That would pretty much be all about it.
If you have any additional questions, leave a comment below.

Let’s check out the track

Also, Markus had a chat with Stephan Risch, who is the OG organiser of the Almabtrieb. Read through Stephan’s words and find out what the Sector 9 Almabtrieb is all about.

“I wanted a new road, a challenging road, which meets the riders skills way better, then the old one in Neukirchen. That’s why we paused the Almabtrieb last season. But now – we found this good looking road, with a badass alps-panorama. For me, it is kind of going back the the Almabtrieb roots. Dated back the first races at Jungholz, we started skating in Austria and finished in Germany – there was always a special bond for me between those two countries. So I was pretty happy, to start working together with my friends from BigMountainSkate. Organising is also way better and easier in groups, so it was a logic way to start working together with them. Felix, Flo and the crew are very experienced and I love the way, how they do things.” ~ Stephan Risch

Thank you, Stephan!

Now let’s lean back and enjoy the official Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 trailer with our friends Gregor “Nussi” Nussbaummüller & Markus Knoblechner skating down the race track last autumn:

The High Black Corner Jam 2016 Recap – Just In Case You Missed It

The High Black Corner Jam 2016 Recap

It was a hell of a weekend for the Team of Rollbrett Salzburg and all the 100 skaters who came up to our home spot in Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden.

The Rollbrett Crew hosted their second Downhill Freeride Slopestyle Festival from the 27th to the 29th of May 2016. It turned out to be the biggest event we threw down to this point. The team built up a badass Slopestyle track for the skaters for all different levels and different styles – perfect conditions for a weekend of pure skateboarding.

High Black Corner Jam 2016 2016

The basic idea of the event was to invite longboarders from all over Austria and Germany but as well to support the local Salzburg skateboard scene. A chance to try some downhill, go nuts on obstacles and also the IOU Miniramp let them up to the event as well.

On Friday most riders arrived and were pretty eager to go skate. Alhtough only a few tried the obstacles around the track, we could look at some serious skating and tricks.

For example Nico Nührig, a well know all-terrain shredder from Austria, went crazy as one of the first guys on the obstacles. Little later, after he broke the ice for the rest of the riders, a few others tried to hit the slopestyle track. Guys like German skater Lukas Voigt as he did a massive tre-flip with his longboard – nice to had you around buddy!

The first day of skating took it’s tall. The day ended with a little miniramp session in front of the beautiful panorama of the german alps, some beers and some skate videos – all in all a successful first day and riders could even expect more for the next day!

Saturday showed us its beautiful sunny side. A full day of skating was on it’s way. The guys just got insanely comfortable on all the obstacles and shit was about to go down!

After noon it was time for some mini-games: Koffer and me, Markus dresses up as traditional german gameshow hosts, figured out 40 challenges and got everyone hyped on the minigames! Check out the list: “Prost Mahlzeit” – skate the beerbank or “Beiboot” – skate a LY Dinghy or “Verpackungskünstler” – skate with a carton around your body or even “zom hoidn” – skate down stand up hand in hand with a friend!

People were hyped and it was tons of fun to watch the guys go nuts, smile and win some nice goodies – a big shoutout to all our sponsors for that!

While the mini games went down, the warm up for the miniramp contest started already. Local shredders from Bavaria and Salzburg showed up and enjoyed the big IOU Miniramp while entertaining the crowed.

Well, and besides all this fun and much runs of skating, people were super eager to party. And party with Rollbrett means something – Rock’n’Roll baby! So the guys invited Ooral Sea from Slovenia to play and have fun!

And yeah, what should I tell you? It was fucking fun and a really sick concert and you better wait and have a look at the upcoming Ooral Sea – High Black Corner Jam video! If you haven’t been here this year, that thing most definitely will convince you, trust me!

Sunday was lazy Sunday. Nah, not quite lazy Sunday, but a few riders left early and missed there chance to participate at the “Pfoten in die Luft” outlaw race. A fun mix of 2,3 and the final 4 riders who where only allowed to skate stand up and with the hands in the air. But, they were allowed to use all obstacles. Check this one out to see what happened, when Nico Nührig took the shortcut through the gras and won the heat of the final four!

So what more is needed to be told, I cant thing of any. You better check out Rollbrett Salzburg and to get the first insight for the next years registration and not miss next years madness! See you on the hill!

[vimeo 170748158 w=300 h=150]

Hawgs Wheels presents High Black Corner Jam 2016 by Rollbrett Salzburg

Patrik Orlainsky & Martin Schræg syncing toesides

The High Black Corner Jam presented by Hawgs Wheels is a downhill skateboarding event with a very special feel – besides going downhill and putting your board sideways, you can also skate ramps, rails, banks and much more to get creative with your skating.

Patrik Orlainsky & Martin Schræg syncing toesides

The Rollbrett Salzburg crew (mixed with some rad dudes from Salzburg and Berchtesgaden) are planing to go bigger and better the last year’s event. From the 27th to 29th May 2016 the little slide-spot in Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden, will be completely rebuild into a big Downhill Slopestyle Freeride track.

The Crew call the High Black Corner Jam a “Longboard Slopestyle Freeride Festival” and when looking at everything, that Rollbrett Salzburg is setting up this year, I guess you understand why.

Here’s some of the hard facts about the High Black Corner Jam presented by Hawgs Wheels:

  • around 200 m2 wood for obstacles
  • party tent, live music and drinks (cheap, but good choice of beer of course)
  • miniramp
  • campground
  • food service
  • small contests & giveaways
  • plus some more funny stuff they don’t even know by themselves by now

I guess this are some convincing informations.

Hawgs Wheels High Black Corner Jam 2016

The riders limit will be set at 100 and the registration fee is 50 Euros with camping included. You can register via Rollbrett Salzburg website and join us for some slopestyle skateboarding fun!

By the way, peep the video from last year, if you aren’t convinced already ;-)

Five years of Women’s Longboard Camp – The recap & 2016 schedule

Women’s Longboard Camp

Opinions continue to be pretty divided over whether or not there is a need or a purpose for women’s-only events. We definitely think there is and every event we host proves us right, time and time again.

Women’s Longboard Camp
Women’s Longboard Camp

The dynamics, and the willingness to step outside your comfort zone really change within an all-female environment, especially in an action sport that for the most part continues to be heavily male-dominated. Quite hard to put into words really, seeing is believing!

Saying all that, things have definitely changed significantly since we all started out – so rad to see a steadily increasing number of women at the starting line!

Our main focus has always been the athletic and technical side of skating in all its shapes or forms and every camp demonstrates anew how much progress can be made within the space of a few days or a week when given the right tools and supportive framework around it.

People who have never stood on a board before leave with a massive grin after standing their first slide and the massive sense of achievement and boost of confidence that comes with it for many folks.

Zero f*cks given?

To all the ladies out there, hand on heart – would you go to a skatepark full of skaters busting out seemingly impossible tricks like it’s nobody’s business (and those pesky scooter kids!) on your own, especially as a complete newbie? Would you know where to even begin?

What’s the likelihood of you just not giving a shit and doing your thing regardless, as opposed to feeling intimidated by what’s going on around you, embarrassed by your self-defined lack of skills and worried about being judged and therefore most likely ending up quietly standing in the corner and thus involuntarily confirming a certain stereotype that I don’t think needs any further explanation as we’ve read about it to death already?

The same applies to longboarding (besides, we don’t discriminate – skating is skating no matter how long or short the wheelbase, how fast or slow you’re going or whatever – isn’t this variety the beauty of skating?) in terms of plucking up the courage to go to an event, especially if you’re new to it all.

One of my favourite memories to date certainly is several of our 2012 riders, the year of the first Women’s Longboard Camp (on the infamous Bear’s Guts / Vixen combo aka KnK nonetheless! Shoulda heard the screams in the rider shuttle the first time we went up!) signing up to both races and freerides the following year – radness right there!

The WLC spirit

So please let us make this clear – the Women’s Longboard Camp initiative is not about excluding guys, but about encouraging women to overcome their fears or inhibitions and equip them with the tools to gain the confidence to just do their thing and go for it – on and off the board.

Women’s Longboard Camp

Many girls who come to us find themselves at a turning point in life and are looking for a new impulse to give them the necessary boost to move into a new direction. And for some rad reason they choose skating as a catalyst and end up at WLC.

I think I can speak on behalf of all the crew when I say that the most rewarding aspect of this kind of event is to witness, time and time again, how people surpass their own expectations and achieve things they never thought they were capable of doing.

This confidence and sense of empowerment transpire into many other areas of their lives and the feedback we get time and time again is the biggest compliment and reward we can get.

To see how a group of women of all ages and from all walks of life, from allover the world, are being brought together by a mutual interest and create this awesome supportive community within the space of a few days – that’s just amazing.

Many new and lasting friendships are formed at each camp and the worldwide WLC family just keeps on growing. I quite like to think of us as the match that ignites that initial spark – there are now a number of awesome projects around the world, harnessing the power of skateboarding as a tool to bring people together without prejudice or agenda.

Our honorary crew member Sophie Friedel, who has done two voluntary stints at Skateistan Kabul, even wrote a book about it!

Behind the scenes

The repeatedly awesome vibe and lasting fond memories make all the hard work worthwhile and motivates us to keep us going and stay stoked despite the many hurdles we have to overcome each year in order to make this happen.

Trying to find the time aside from whatever it is you do to pay the bills. Countless email trails, Facebook chats and Skype calls – welcome to the 21st century and its many ways of remote communication.

WLC poolside HQ office in Flatspot Stuttgart’s backyard

Two of my personal highlights over the years definitely include our mobile office in a random betting shop somewhere near the Swiss border in 2013, and the 2015 WLC poolside HQ office in Flatspot Stuttgart’s backyard.

We have been very lucky in having such an awesome team throughout the years, as the saying goes only crew love is true love, add to that the fact that we love what we do, and therefore we do it together!

2016 schedule – what’s on?

It’s a very special year for us as 2016 marks our 5th anniversary. We’ve just wrapped up the first of three events to celebrate this special occasion. Keep your eyes peeled for the official video, brought to you by Root Skateboards!

Meanwhile, we are gearing up for the next camp, which will be another skateshop bonanza at Flatspot Stuttgart this June. Registration is now open, sign up here to come and join us for a long weekend of rad skating and general mayhem WLC style.

To complete the trifecta, we’re putting on a freeride camp in August in collaboration with the Woodwings crew. It’s gonna be amazing and we would love to have you there!

June – Stuttgart
August – France

Instagram: @womenslongboardcamp
Facebook: WmsLongboardcamp

Editor’s note: This post was written by Christine Maier and was published on Longboard Magazine on behalf of the Women’s Longboard Camp crew.

Alpenrauschen 2016 freeride by BigMountainSkate

Alpenrauschen 2016

The BigMountainSkate season 2016 will start spectacularly with Alpenrauschen, a four day freeride which will take place high up in the Styrian mountains in Austria, from June 9th till June 12th, 2016.

Alpenrauschen 2016
Alpenrauschen 2016

I had so much fun on last year’s Alpenrauschen and so did probably everyone else who was there. Those who will join us for the first time this year have a lot to be excited about for sure.

About the Alpenrauschen track

For the second year in a row, the BigMountainSkate crew will cater with a 4.8 kilometers long beautiful alpine road which leads to Tauplitzalm ski resort in Styria.

BMS Alpenrauschen track aerial shot

Surrounded by beautiful mountains this track has much more to offer then just epic views. It’s packed with 8 hairpins, countless sweepers, top speed at around 95 km/h and 9% average grade.

Be warned, Alpenrauschen is not recommended for beginners. You’ll need some serious downhill skills to be able to keep up. So, see you there :)

Riders limit and registration fee

At Alpenrauschen camping is not allowed, but a bed in a cozy room is included in the 175 Euros registration fee. Because the number of beds is limited this event can take in only 170 riders.

If you miss a registration, you’ll not be able to “sneak in” like on some other events, so make sure that you register on time. Registration for Alpenrauschen started on Sunday, February 14th at 8pm CET via the official BMS website and has been sold out in a matter of hours.

Required protection gear

Full face helmet and slide gloves are the only required protection gear on Alpenrasuchen, but since the track is very fast, you should consider wearing a leather suit. Last year I wasn’t wearing one, but this year, I will. The Alpenrauschen track is very demanding and if you want to skate another day, it’s better to be on a safe side, I guess. Knee pads, elbow pads and a back protector are also highly recommended by the organisers.

Upon your arrival

The big parking on top of the Alpenrauschen track was my van’s final destination for the next 4 days. It takes a couple of minutes to get to the hotel from there, but the walks were always nice. That red colour behind the tree on the left… That’s my van :)

Parking on top of the track

Food and drinks at Alpenrauschen

The nearest store is 10 kilometers away and each time you want to drive up the track, the Tauplitzalm Alpenstraße, you’ll have to pay around 10 Euros (see prices here). However, the good news is that you will not have to leave the mountain anyway. Last year we got everything we needed right there in the hotel which opens just for the event.

You can get breakfast, lunch and dinner (also vegetarian and vegan meals), plus all kinds of drinks at the hotel’s bar.  If you have a sweet tooth like me, you’ll be happy to know that you can get some chocolate and cookies there as well.

The hotel’s staff was very friendly, especially the girls who made sure that we always had a cold beer in our hands during the evening hangouts :) Just in case if you wonder, the bear was 2.5 Euros. Strong Austrian schnapps was probably the second most (ab)used beverage at the parties. I’m not much of a drinker myself, so I sticked to the beer, haha!

Just like last year, there’s an option to pre-pay the meals for all days at the hotel upon your arrival. The offered package costs 30 Euros and it includes breakfast and dinner. I think that’s a fair deal and last year, the food was quite good.

During the freeride, you can take a brake and have a lunch in the bar on a parking on top of the track. They serve some really nice dishes like soups, grilled meat, pizza and similar.

How to pack for Alpenrauschen

The highest point of the Alpenrauschen track is at around 1500 meters above the sea level. Weather conditions tend to change quickly up in the mountains, so my advice is to pack some extra warm clothes too. They will come in handy especially in the evenings if you want to hang out outside the hotel.

Chilling by the fire at Alpenrauschen 2015

If you’re going, also bring your own blanket or a sleeping bag because the beds are only done with sheets. The same goes for the towel(s) and other stuff for personal hygiene.

Other than that, you should pack as usual. Make sure to have enough socks, probably at least 2 per day, one pair for skating and the other to change for the evening. You’ll use the evening pair for skating the next day and so on. The same goes for the underwear and t-shirts. I’ll bring an extra pair of shoes as well, just in case if it rains.

There’s a nice lake next to hotel and some people had a swim in it, so you might want to bring your swimming suit as well. I was too lazy to go for a swim, but people who did go said that the water is fresh and the leeches are friendly :)

Alpenrauschen lifestyle

What I loved at last year’s Alpenrauschen is how relaxed it was. I already knew most of the people who was there, so it felt a lot like “home” from the moment I arrived. Everyone was happy to be there and for most of us this was the first event in the 2015 season, so we had a lot to talk about. I’m already looking forward to have a chat with everyone.

Alpenrauschen Lifestyle

After the freeride everyone was mostly hanging out on the Blue Tomato mini-ramp or by the outdoor fire and the trampoline. That was fun to watch too :) Also, there was a couple of pool and soccer tables where we had some exciting matches going on.

Last year I went for a nice walk with my buddy Alex Ireton, and let me tell you, it was amazing. Fresh air, green pastures, mountain peaks… Can’t wait for it!

So, hopefully you are going to Alpenrauschen and I’ll see you there.
If not, we’ll meet somewhere else :)

Alpenrauschen 2015 aftermovie

Most probably, you already watched the official Alpenrauschen 2015 video recap edited by Bros Before Pros, but anyway… Just watch it again, you know you’ll like it haha! :)

Alpenrauschen 2016 Info Summary

I summed up all important information on the list below. If you have any additional questions, get in touch with the BMS crew via their email

  • The event takes place from June 9th – June 12th, 2016 in Tauplitzalm, Austria.
  • Registration started on Sunday, February 14th at 8 pm CET via the BMS website.
  • Registration fee is 175 Euros (includes a bed in a room).
  • Pre-paid meals for all days are 30 Euros (paid in cash upon arrival).
  • Full face helmet and slide gloves are required. Leather suit is highly recommended.
  • Follow Alpenrauschen via Facebook event page