Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 race track preview and event information

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016

Update, June 30th 2016
The crew went the track and filmed a rad raw run with Nico Nührig.

After taking a break in 2015, a four day race Sector 9 Almabtrieb returns to this year’s Eurotour and joins the BigMountainSkate events lineup. Previous editions were organised on a rad road in Germany, but this year the race moves to Austria.

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 race track preview and event information

As usual, we can expect some of the world’s most know downhill skateboarders on the Almabtrieb’s riders list. The race supports stand-up downhill skateboarding only and it’s an IDF WQS race. This also means that in order to register for the Almabtrieb race, you must be a member of the IDF.

About the Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 track

The crew was busy scouting the Austrian mountains in search for that perfect road which would match the Almabtrieb’s reputation and recently they finally found one.

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016

The event will take place from 13th till 16th  of July
 2016 in Loser Berg / Altaussee
 / Loser Panoramastraße, Altaussee in Austria.

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 will feature a 3.9 km alpine road with an elevation drop of 405 meters surrounded with spectacular nature and breathtaking views. The track is at an altitude of around 1800 meters above the sea level and in the same area as the Alpenrauschen track. The track has the steepest grade at around 19% and the crew already gave it a try and reported the top speed to exceed 100 km/h (62MPH+). You’ll be happy to know that there’s a sick hairpin waiting for you at the end of it.

Not for beginners

Just like for Alpenrauschen, beginners should think twice before joining this race. Serious downhill skills are required and the competition might be too hard to handle, but you’re always welcome to give it a try and watch the rest of the race if you drop out. In contrast to that, those more expirienced will be able to blow out some steam.

Riders limit and registration, accommodation

Everyone is uber hyped about this year’s Almabtrieb and it’s expected to be sold out very fast. If you are down for serious racing, make sure that you don’t miss the registration, which should start on Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 at 8pm CET via the BMS website.

The riders limit will be set at 180 and the registration fee is expected to be 199 Euros with camping included. If you want to sleep in a bed, there will be some rooms available in a hotel nearby. Price for the room is not known yet. The campsite is located just at the end of the road, next to a big alpine hut.

For inquiries regarding the room rental, it’s the best to get in touch with the BMS crew via the official email address and ask about it.

Food and drinks at Almabtrieb

So far all we can say is that that there will be a restaurant with a bar next to the campsite where you’ll be able to grab something to eat and drink.

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 Start View

How to pack for Almabtrieb

You should consider packing the same stuff as for Alpenrauschen freeride with an addition of camping gear. In July, the nights in the mountains should be a bit warmer, but you’ll still need some warm clothes to feel comfortable when the night falls.

That would pretty much be all about it.
If you have any additional questions, leave a comment below.

Let’s check out the track

Also, Markus had a chat with Stephan Risch, who is the OG organiser of the Almabtrieb. Read through Stephan’s words and find out what the Sector 9 Almabtrieb is all about.

“I wanted a new road, a challenging road, which meets the riders skills way better, then the old one in Neukirchen. That’s why we paused the Almabtrieb last season. But now – we found this good looking road, with a badass alps-panorama. For me, it is kind of going back the the Almabtrieb roots. Dated back the first races at Jungholz, we started skating in Austria and finished in Germany – there was always a special bond for me between those two countries. So I was pretty happy, to start working together with my friends from BigMountainSkate. Organising is also way better and easier in groups, so it was a logic way to start working together with them. Felix, Flo and the crew are very experienced and I love the way, how they do things.” ~ Stephan Risch

Thank you, Stephan!

Now let’s lean back and enjoy the official Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 trailer with our friends Gregor “Nussi” Nussbaummüller & Markus Knoblechner skating down the race track last autumn:

Lush Longboards GT Race Slide Gloves Review

Lush GT Race Slide Gloves

Lush Longboards has over a decade of experience in designing, testing and providing commercial slide gloves to skaters all over the world. Their first model, the V1 slide gloves, were an answer to the DIY slide gloves we all once made at home and just knew they won’t last long.

Since then the guys at Lush dedicated their energy in perfecting the art of choosing the right materials, design, construction and fit. With the drive for improvement came the fact, that every model was better than the previous.

Lush Longboards GT Race Slide Glove features

The GT Race Gloves are their proudest achievement and are described to be one of the most comfortable and durable gloves on the market – The creme de la creme!

What makes these gloves even better is the input from most the Lush Longboards team riders from all over the globe, skating them to total destruction in all weather conditions for over a two year period. Vigorous testing and combining different materials with the OG ones, make one hell of a strong product.

Now lets get down to the neat and greet with the technical details to get to know what you get for your buck.


As we all know the one of the most important things of a good pair of slide gloves is the fit. A loose fit simply isn’t desirable as it results in rips and dragging your fingers on the pavement even though you point them up while sliding.

The first thing I noticed when I tried the GT Race longboard gloves is the nice soft feel of the interior consisting of the brushed genuine leather back side of the smooth exterior.

Lush Longboards GT Race Slide Glove features

Normally when I got new leather gloves from different brands the one thing that bothered me was the inside stitching that chafed my hands almost immediately. In this case, I must say the seams of the different leather components are almost flat.

The next feature I noticed is the padding on the palms which feels super comfy with the pucks on and flexible without them. The padded palm insert between your hand and the puck results in reducing puck vibration while sliding which is perfect for high speeds on rough pavement and minimising hard impacts.

Lush Longboards GT Race Slide Glove features

Moving on to the outside of the glove, you will notice the low profile wrist tab that was designed for the perfect fit with your race leathers. The low profile is also nice if you are used to skating with a watch on and are looking for something comfortable with a good amount of protection.

Lush Longboards GT Race Slide Glove features

If you choose to only have one pair of slide gloves for freeride and downhill, you will appreciate the perforations on the top side of the glove. The breathable back and fingers are stretchy and made from the same leather as their previous model. If you ever owned a pair of the Deluxe Race Gloves, then you know the leather is really tough, light, yet super comfy.


The second main consideration while designing the glove was protection. As the GT is are true race gloves they have loads of added features to keep your precious hands nice and safe.

As a new material in their collection, the fingertips, thumbs, grip and wrist are all made from Buffalo Hide. Known also as Buffalo leather this material absorbs and releases moisture a lot like our skin. It provides temperature adaptation and will conform to your hands, but will not stretch out of shape.

Lush Longboards GT Race Slide Glove features

The next thing I want to mention is the newly designed hidden knuckle armour. This one-piece added feature is a bit bigger than in their previous model and will take some getting used to, but the inside is padded and provides extra protection you need especially while racing.

As for the stitching goes, the GT longboard slide gloves are sewn together using a high quality Coats thread. The critical areas are triple stitched while the rest is double or single stitched. The last thing on the feature list it the OG, legit Velcro that holds the pucks way better than any other knockoff.

Price & Where To Buy

The Lush Longboards GT Race Gloves are among the most expensive ones on the market, but their price is justified by all these cool features which should make them last much longer then the low or mid-priced gloves. The beginners might want to start off with some cheaper gloves, while the GT Race gloves make a good choice for those who take racing a bit more serious.

Online Store Price * 84.95 Euro 85.99 Euro 95.11 Euro (UK) 86.00 Euro

* Please note that the retailers may change the price or availability

Pearse D’Arcy – Rapture Love

Pearse D’Arcy – Rapture Love

If we think of Irish right now we see football fans singing lullaby’s for baby’s in train stations or funny odes to the Swedish beauty. In times without football madness around the controversial UEFA we maybe have in our minds a beautiful countryside, a lot of rain and green, yes St. Patrick’s Day I mean too, people who love to drink Guinness and dance crazy just with their feet.

Pearse D’Arcy getting stoked and ready to drop in.
Pearse D’Arcy getting stoked and ready to drop in.

But boys and girls brace yourself, they have some serious shredding going on over there. I for myself was pretty overwhelmed to see a try road in between dinky and old stone walls. So follow down Irish ripper Pearse D’Arcy who chucked on some Cult Rapture 73A to hit the concrete hard and heavy.

Get ready for a straight, fast raw run which will make your legs flounder cause afterwards you wanna put on some grippy wheels and get shacked like Pearse does. As a bonus they put some square and forward going hip hop song on to underline his reckless skating.

Watch the video

Cult Rapture 74mm / 73A

The leading light in Cult’s product range when it comes down to excessive and extreme downhill racing. The Rapture is 74mm tall and 66mm wide.

Cult Rapture longboard wheels, 74mm 73a

The super ultra-sharp lips make you pull your butt a little bit tighter while going into the slide (especially with the 73A ones, they get more and more nicer the harder they are).

The high end quality Warp Core was especially designed by the Doctor just for this wheel. Infinite roll speed, massive hook up, long lasting urethane are the attributes for this wheel and is reason why I for myself trusted many many times into this wheel.

One last word from my experience: Despite the massive grip Cult Rapture wheels slide super clean and pleasant if you are sturdy enough for them.

Related: Are Cult Rapture wheels any good for street luge?

Awesome video filmed with bicycle featuring Ferdi Mohr, Stefan Reinprecht and Martin Schræg

Awesome video filmed with bicycle featuring Ferdi Mohr, Stefan Reinprecht and Alexander Mohr

About a month ago, Ferdinand Mohr shared with me a video filmed by his brother Alexander Mohr, featuring him and his buddies Stefan ReinprechtMartin Schræg.

Rather then full raw runs, which have overcrowded our Facebook timelines in the past couple of years or more, I’m a great fan of “edits” because it takes much more effort to create them and personally I find them to be more interesting. This one impressed me very much.

When I finished watching the video, I was curious to find out more about it because just posting a video without any additional information really isn’t what I’m trying to do here on Longboard Magazine.

So, I asked Ferdinand to tell me a bit more about what went down that day and what I found out blew me away. It might not seam that big of a deal to you (hopefully it does), but to me this was special.

As I was watching the video, I thought that some scenes were filmed with a follow car, but it turned out that the guys used a bicycle in order to make the whole experience safer. How freaking awesome is that!?

I know that to many of you this might be nothing new and for sure it has been done before, but the way this video came out… These guys deserve some respect for sure.

While following and filming a skater down a hill on a bicycle might not be an option for every situation, for example, when skating downhill at higher speeds, this is a great option for youngsters who don’t have a car or a driving licence…or if they want to play it safe.

Hopefully this video will inspire other young skaters out there to try out something similar. For more stoke check out this photo from the shooting.

Filming a run with a bicycle. Photo by Sebastian Mohr

It all started last year when my brother, Alexander Mohr wanted to film a video with me, but we were wondering how to film, because we were afraid of filming with a car. That’s how we came up with the idea to film with a bike and his glide cam. It was a funny construction, but it worked really well. We went to spots all over Vorarlberg (Austria) and Liechtenstein. Big thanks to my brother and of course to the community! ~ Ferdinand Mohr

There you have it… It doesn’t necessarily take a car to make great video which would get noticed and appreciated 🙂

Kebbek Skateboards brings back its roots with the Dig Deep deck

Kebbek Skateboards brings back its roots with the Dig Deep deck

Kebbek Skateboards has a huge history in downhill skateboarding, but not many remember their roots in street and transition skating. The Dig Deep transition deck is an homage to their history of street skating from a time when they were called PM skateboards.

Kebbek Dig Deep skateboard

This board has a few very special features intended for transition skating, but they are so subtle, that they don’t take away from the general functionality of the board.

Kebbek Dig Deep skateboard

Check out the subtle tail taper. This gives you a gas pedal, (as you can see in this photo digdeeptailtaper.jpeg) which gives you board feel and leverage when scooping airs and snapping no-complys.

The nose has a flat taper so it fits in your hand making it natural to locate in the air or pulling Crails while staying functional for flip tricks.

Dig Deep skateboard deck is 32 inches long, 8.4 inches wide and has a 14.5 inch wheelbase.

You can test the Dig Deep board out on the mini-ramp at KnK Longboard Camp this year if you are attending. Kebbek is the title sponsor, so it will be your chance to try any of their boards out! Browse through their new line up at

Brainfukker x Root Longboards Swabian Skate Madness

Brainfukkers x Root Longboards Swabian Skate Madness

After a good amount of stoke in our bodies from the Venom cabin event (at which I sneakily sneaked in) we were so pumped on skating, that Schneider, Andy, Stalliano and I went straight to bed, slept a little, got up early to hit the roads again.

We took Max’s old “Bella” (a yellow Peugeot Partner), which perfectly transported us from Stuttgart to the Swiss Alps and back, to get to the spot. Upon arrival to the top of the hill we played “Rock, paper, scissors” to figure out who of us will be the first one to shuttle the run. Andy lost, so he sat on the captain’s seat, started the car, the engine roared, but nothing happened.

Andy: “Max the car is not accelerating!”
Max: “Ah…Andy, come on just be gentle with Bellaaa! I will try.”

But Max’s special “Bella” skills didn’t help. It was obvious pretty fast, the gas pedal string was ripped off…

FUCK FUCK was my first thought. I have to get back to Munich tonight, because I have serious stuff to deal with, damn u guys why?! We haven’t even skated a run, damn you old cars!

So what did we do? You guessed it, skated a run. It was fun like hell, but we still had a broken car. At least we called the breakdown service on the way up and after 2.5h they arrived.

Meanwhile, you guessed it again, we skated some more, so it wasn’t the biggest pain in the ass.
But on this day Murphy’s law was on fire, the guy could’t fix our car and he had to pull it away to the next service station.

The problem was that he didn’t have enough space in his car for all of us. The bottom line was that I had to miss my ride to Munich for sure, because we had to push for ages to get to the next village and get on the train back to Stuttgart.

My day was ruined, but I thought that if I’m stuck in Stuttgart, why not go skating the next day, because my plans were turned upside down anyway.

But what kind of car do we take? Nobody has got one. “Bella” was down and skating without a car was not an option. Suddenly a brainwave hammered through our brain: “Dudes! Let’s rent one! A fast one, one for filming, one to get rad.” That’s how the idea was born.

Pumped for skating again, we put some fresh new Brainfukker Grip on, put on our fresh Sunday clothes and went out the next day into the deep Swabian Hills to make this thing happen.

This video would never have happened if Stalliano’s car wouldn’t had broken down.

PS: “Bella” is working fine again now.


The High Black Corner Jam 2016 Recap – Just In Case You Missed It

The High Black Corner Jam 2016 Recap

It was a hell of a weekend for the Team of Rollbrett Salzburg and all the 100 skaters who came up to our home spot in Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden.

The Rollbrett Crew hosted their second Downhill Freeride Slopestyle Festival from the 27th to the 29th of May 2016. It turned out to be the biggest event we threw down to this point. The team built up a badass Slopestyle track for the skaters for all different levels and different styles – perfect conditions for a weekend of pure skateboarding.

High Black Corner Jam 2016 2016

The basic idea of the event was to invite longboarders from all over Austria and Germany but as well to support the local Salzburg skateboard scene. A chance to try some downhill, go nuts on obstacles and also the IOU Miniramp let them up to the event as well.

On Friday most riders arrived and were pretty eager to go skate. Alhtough only a few tried the obstacles around the track, we could look at some serious skating and tricks.

For example Nico Nührig, a well know all-terrain shredder from Austria, went crazy as one of the first guys on the obstacles. Little later, after he broke the ice for the rest of the riders, a few others tried to hit the slopestyle track. Guys like German skater Lukas Voigt as he did a massive tre-flip with his longboard – nice to had you around buddy!

The first day of skating took it’s tall. The day ended with a little miniramp session in front of the beautiful panorama of the german alps, some beers and some skate videos – all in all a successful first day and riders could even expect more for the next day!

Saturday showed us its beautiful sunny side. A full day of skating was on it’s way. The guys just got insanely comfortable on all the obstacles and shit was about to go down!

After noon it was time for some mini-games: Koffer and me, Markus dresses up as traditional german gameshow hosts, figured out 40 challenges and got everyone hyped on the minigames! Check out the list: “Prost Mahlzeit” – skate the beerbank or “Beiboot” – skate a LY Dinghy or “Verpackungskünstler” – skate with a carton around your body or even “zom hoidn” – skate down stand up hand in hand with a friend!

People were hyped and it was tons of fun to watch the guys go nuts, smile and win some nice goodies – a big shoutout to all our sponsors for that!

While the mini games went down, the warm up for the miniramp contest started already. Local shredders from Bavaria and Salzburg showed up and enjoyed the big IOU Miniramp while entertaining the crowed.

Well, and besides all this fun and much runs of skating, people were super eager to party. And party with Rollbrett means something – Rock’n’Roll baby! So the guys invited Ooral Sea from Slovenia to play and have fun!

And yeah, what should I tell you? It was fucking fun and a really sick concert and you better wait and have a look at the upcoming Ooral Sea – High Black Corner Jam video! If you haven’t been here this year, that thing most definitely will convince you, trust me!

Sunday was lazy Sunday. Nah, not quite lazy Sunday, but a few riders left early and missed there chance to participate at the “Pfoten in die Luft” outlaw race. A fun mix of 2,3 and the final 4 riders who where only allowed to skate stand up and with the hands in the air. But, they were allowed to use all obstacles. Check this one out to see what happened, when Nico Nührig took the shortcut through the gras and won the heat of the final four!

So what more is needed to be told, I cant thing of any. You better check out Rollbrett Salzburg and to get the first insight for the next years registration and not miss next years madness! See you on the hill!

[vimeo 170748158 w=300 h=150]

Cult Emperor freeride longboard wheels review by Mihael Zadravec

Cult Emperor freeride longboard wheels. Photo by Mihael Zadravec

Earlier this year, Cult introduced the Emperor freeride longboard wheels powered by their latest and Jorge Pernes’s new favourite, Dopathane formula. Adam Hill from Cult was very kind to send me a set to try them out and in return I promised to write a review. So, if you’re stoked on getting a set for yourself and want to know how they roll, read through to find out how they worked for me.

Cult Emperor – The first look

Let’s have a look at the basic features of the Emperor wheel first and then I’ll tell you more about how are they “straight out the box”, how’s the slide like and more…

Cult Emperor freeride longboard wheels. Photo by Nadia Hozić

The Cult Emperor wheels are 71mm in diameter and have a 50.5mm wide contact patch, while the overall width of the wheel is 53.5mm. At least for now, the Emperors are available in 78a durometer (hardness) and in white colour only. The Emperors have an offset bearing hub, but I still managed to skate them flipped without noticing any significant difference.

The wheels have a bevelled edge to ensure reliable release, while the wider contact patch and the softer urethane provide more braking power. This combination makes it great especially for faster freeride runs or slidy pavement and it helped me gain confidence to throw some standies at higher speeds then usual.

Big bada** core

Besides the new “mid grip” Dopathane formula, the Cult Emperor wheels introduced a brand new core design. The new big vented core supports the lips of the wheels in such a way, that it reduces the lip’s deformation while it’s under pressure. Also, because the core is so big and wide, the weight is distributed more evenly which leads to more consistent wearing of the wheel.

With that being said, it’s fair to mention that because of their big core, the ride on the Emperors feels a bit “harder” on a rougher surface. As expected, on a smoother pavement, they feel great, have nice roll speed and smooth consistent slide.

Getting the bearings out was a bit challenging as they fit very tightly and the core is very hard (I used Zealous bearings). A proper snug fit, I guess 🙂

How are the Emperors “straight out of the box”

The Emperors don’t come with a stone ground finish, so straight out of the box they have solid amount of grip too, but once I manage to break the traction, the slide felt very icy. However, after a couple of solid runs, the skin was finally off and the true nature of the wheel started showing.

Here’s few impressions from the first few drops, shot by my girlfriend Nadia Hozić.
Thank you, Nadia :-*

How do they slide

I switched to Cult Emperor from the much more slidy wheels, Remember Hoots 80a, so I had to get used to it first. Emperor is a much wider and softer wheel then I was used to, but that also led to me getting more confidence when sliding at higher speeds.

So, once the skin was completely off, they had a really nice consistent slide as well as a predictable release and hook up. Although they are 78a, the Emperors were not as grippy as I was expecting them to be.

Slide initiation with the Emperors is as easy as with Cult Cerebrum, but they will slow you down more. Pretty much all of the people I talked with about the Emperors agreed that this is a great mix.

Wearing and durability

Since the Emperors have softer urethane in combination with the offset bearing hub, I was expecting them to cone, but that was not the case thanks to that huge core. Although they are offset, the Emperor felt very much as a centerset wheels.

Here’s a photo I took on the first day after a couple of hours of skating.

Cult Emperor after a couple of hours of skating. Photo by Mihael Zadravec

I skated on Emperors for the next 6 sessions until I managed to flat spot one of the wheels after pulling off some longer squat stand up slides, but that was my fault really as I was putting the board too much sideways (at 90 degree). Being a bit overweight at that time didn’t help either.

I managed to wear them down for 1 cm, down to ~61mm when the orange colour (the core) started showing through the urethane (in the middle of the wheel).

However, there’s still plenty of slides left in them and I will finish them off as soon as I get the chance.

In Emperors defence, I think it’s fair to admit that sooner or later, I flat spot every wheel, regardless the brand or a wheel type and durometer. I guess, I suck a bit haha!

Here’s a video from some of the sessions with my buddy Benjamin Sabol (Kebbek Skateboards).

[facebook url=”″]

How’s the grip on the Emperor wheels

As I mentioned earlier, while still fresh and with the skin, the Emperor wheels have a decent amount of grip, but they wouldn’t be my choice of wheel for fast grip and rip runs. For such runs, I usually switch to wheels like Cult Traction Beam or similar.

After all, the Emperor is meant to be a freeride wheel and it does slide quite a lot once you put the board sideways. Taking that in consideration, they do serve the purpose very well.

Don’t let that stop you from sending them down the hill as fast as you can manage it… After all, we all have our personal preferences and skating style. What might work the best for me, might not work as well for you.

How much do they cost

The Cult Emperor longboard wheels come in at around 64 Euros which puts them in the upper mid price range. If you’re already an experienced rider, you will find much value in them for that money, that’s for sure.

As for beginners, I would say go for it if you don’t find the price to big for your budget, otherwise, check out some cheaper options. Otherwise, the Emperor wheels are a great choice for beginners as they provide with a really nice mix of a grip and slide characteristics and they will be great for “not super fast” downhill runs as well.

Final words

I guess it’s time to end this post at some point, so here’s my final thoughts on the Emperor wheels.

Overall, I find the Emperor to be a great freeride wheel with a smooth and predictable slide once the skin is off. When fresh and with the skin the slide wasn’t that nice and it would be awesome to have them available with stone ground finish.

The wearing of the wheel really is consistent as promised and you shouldn’t have any problems skating them till the core pops out. Although they are offset, due to the big core, the Emperors feel much like centerset wheels and you can flip them in case if you need to make them even again (for example, if you’re a beginner and sliding only heelside or toeside and wearing only one side of the wheels).

That’s all folks! I highly recommend you give the Cult Emperor freeride wheels a try and leave a comment bellow to let us know how they worked for you. Happy shredding!

Official video featuring Jorge Pernes

I guess, who’s better out there to show off the Emperors in action the Jorge Pernes. Right?
For more info and inquiries visit Cult Wheels website.

My big Buttboard test weekend and the first race of the year

Buttboard tests by Alexander Tikialex Frischauf

A few weeks ago I attempted the first race of the Czech CGSA cup series at Makarov with my collection of Buttboards and Luges, plus some setups, to give you all an impression and a little help to choose your deck. It’s all based on my perception and riding style. And the second goal of the weekend was to reach the podium on race day 😉

Buttboard tests by Alexander Tikialex Frischauf

The Testees

  • Flying Dentist Buttboard, ISIS 150 Hanger/Randal Comp 60° Baseplate front (TM), Navigator Drone 170 50° Baseplate back (DT), FatAnt Barrel Bushings, Cult Raptures 77a
  • Alpha Longboards Buttboard, Ronin Cast 180, Ronin standard Bushings, Hawgs Bigger Biggies 78a
  • Manowar Buttboard, Randal DH 160 Hanger/Comp 60° Base front (TM), Caliber 180 Hanger/Randal Comp 50° Base back, FatAnt Barrel Bushings, Hawgs Bigger Biggies 78a
  • TikiBoards Buttboard (made by Hackbrett), Randal 180 Hanger/Comp 60° Base front, Randal 180 Hanger/Comp 50° Base (TM), FatAnt Barrel Bushings, Cult Raptures 73a
  • 9.81 Buttboard, Amok 150 Hanger/Randal Comp 60° Base front, Caliber 180 Hanger/Navigator Drone 50° Base (DT), FatAnt Barrel Bushings, Hawgs Bigger Biggies 76a

1. Flying Dentist Buttboard

Flying Dentist Buttboard
Flying Dentist Buttboard - Concave

On first day’s schedule was freeride and practice, so it was testing time with 2-4 runs with every board I brought. Starting with my Flying Dentist Buttboard on my special setup to get used to the track as it was my first time riding this year.

This Board and setup works perfect for me as I’m really used to it. I know my position on the board as I ride it since 2011 and with the setup it turns tight with tons of grip and still stable at speeds (around 80-90kph at Makarov).

2. Alpha Longboards Buttboard

Alpha Longboards Buttboard Alpha Longboards Buttboard - Concave

Next up I choose the South African Buttboard from Alpha Longboards made by Kent Lingeveldt from Cape Town as it got a similar shape to my Flying Dentist, but is heavier, so I found my position on it very easy and liked the feeling on it.

The front truck is mounted with a 5.5° wedge riser to give it more turn, for me a good alternative to my favourite trucks, the Spanish Guga Trucks Black Lotus. Couldn’t go as tight through the corners as with the Flying Dentist, because of more weight and the wider hangers.

3. Manowar Buttboard

Manowar Buttboard Manowar Buttboard - Concave Manowar Buttboard - Concave

Now it was time for the new version of the Australian Manowar Buttboard made by Phill Champion. It’s one of the new generation boards with a drop or flares in the front, so you come a little bit closer to the road and have a support for your butt to find your position easier.

The original wheelbase is longer (same to the 9.81) than my usual board, so I had problems getting the corners on the race line with my riding style. Thanks to the flared front I found my riding position very easy. Changed the wheelbase to my standard length and added rails, now it waits for more testing and a report will follow.

4. 9.81 Buttboard

9.81 Buttboard 9.81 Buttboard - Concave 9.81 Buttboard - Concave

The Swiss 9.81 Buttboard made by the Robert Brothers is a well known classic and was one of the first with the flared front. The longer wheelbase and drop through truck mount makes it stable as hell, but you need to work more in corners to get a tight line.

I’m not a fan of the narrow back of the deck as I can’t work enough with my shoulders in light corners. As for the craftsmanship, it’s pure Swiss quality!

Tikiboards Classic Luge

tikiboards TikiBoards Buttboard - Concave

Last one to give a ride was my old Tikiboards Classic Luge. It was made by Hackbrett in Freiburg (Germany), with their experience in laminating top class decks, to my specifications. The many wheelbase options and simple shape makes it a deck for every riding style and size of rider. With the added rails it handles nicely in corners and you always have a good grip with the hands. If you get the chance to get one of these – buy it and get yourself a light weight gun!

Race day

Sunday was race day and I choose to use the Flying Dentist Board with the 75a version of the Raptures I tested the day before on my Street luge for that extra bit of grip in the high speed sweepers.

As we were only 6 riders we started with semi finals. In my heat I got two Czech riders and on the other semi Austrian Konstantin Weigl had also to race two locals. For the finals, I switched to my favourite wheels, the Cult Rapture 77a for some extra speed as Konstantin is a heavy fast guy on the straights.

So it was Konstantin, Don Hoblinon (fb name, sorry can’t remember your real name), Petr Záleský and me. Everyone who knows me from the races, is aware of my slow starting, so I was really nervous with Konstantin next to me and some more weight, he had a big advantage on this track.

Makarov finals by Lucie Kafková

“Riders ready … Riders set … GO!” and we were off!

Surprisingly I came second off the start line, staying close behind Konstantin through the first right hander, staying inside for the following left 180 sneaking through on first position and controlled the race from there on till the finish line – first race of the year and top of podium – stoked big time!!!

Makarov podium by Lucie Kafková

Great race, awesome road and nice organisers who know what they are doing made this weekend perfect!

Still got one more board for you – at last years Teolo race I got the chance to ride Mikel Echegaray‘s Hare Buttboard from Goat Longboards in Spain.

Mikel mounted his signature Guga Trucks, the Black Lotus and RAD Advantage 78a. The deck has a drop after the front truck, which is top mounted and a drop mounted back truck. For me the drop could be a little bit more to have a perfect fit on my butt.

Goat Hare Buttboard. Rider: Mikel Echegaray Diez Photo by Kaina

Believe it or not, but Mikel has some more weight then me and so the bushing setup was a little bit to hard for me, but I didn’t changed it, as he has set it up for race day. Apart from this, it felt really nice and I’m looking forward to get my own.

Street Luge Austria

The Alchemist – precision longboard trucks by Revolt

The Alchemist - precision longboard trucks by Revolt

The Alchemist – precision longboard trucks by Revolt

Simplicity, effectiveness and a down-to-earth design is not something that today’s market is focusing on. Usually brands try to fill their products with lots of features (which isn’t a bad thing) together with making them look as best as they can, but maybe skimp on the actual ride feel of the product. Revolt is now introducing their first trucks, made to be simple, effective and cheap. Let’s take a look at what their trucks have to offer.

The Alchemist – Features

The Alchemist precision trucks by Revolt have a 175mm wide flippable hanger with a 1.8mm rake, all on a 42° baseplate, making them snappy and responsive, but still stable and controllable enough at high speeds. The board- and roadside bushings are sitting inside a non-restrictive bushing seat which allows for both regular, as well as fat/chubby style bushings.

The Alchemist precision trucks by Revolt

Positively raked (axles further away from the deck) trucks give a more lively and direct feel, negatively raked (axles closer to the deck), they give a more solid and stable ride.

We didn’t over-do the rake so I see it more as a little tuning option to fine-tune your setup, depending on your own preferences and your riding style – from full-on downhill, to slower, “techy” hill-bombing. ~ Mathijs Baars, Revolt Innovations founder

The trucks come equipped with Riptide pivot cups and Riptide KranK bushings. KranK’s are known to have amazing riding behaviour, no matter how far you tighten your trucks. The trucks are sold in three different bushing setups; fat cones, chubby barrels or regular barrels, each with two durometer options.

You can also order the Revolt trucks with any combination of bushings, they will be put together according to your wishes and delivered on request. Also added in the mix are custom CNC cut speed rings, spacers and washers, made out of high-grade steel. However the trucks are set up, downhill or freeride orientated, they will offer amazing riding behaviour for all kinds of bushing/washer setups and riding types.

The trucks are available in 4 colour combinations. You can pick between a blue hanger on a silver baseplate, silver hanger on a blue baseplate, a funky purple hanger on a green baseplate and the traditional all-black version.

Video – Germany Trip

The idea behind Revolt

What started as a simple idea to make a pair of great, down to earth, simple, yet effective, downhill trucks later grew into a whole brand based around this concept.

The longer I spent designing the trucks, the more I learned. I started talking to riders about their preferences in trucks.” ~ Mathijs Baars

After two whole years of designing, a basic design of the trucks with promising downhill capabilities and versatile bushing seats was laid out.

I think weight reduction and looks are two useless concepts for downhill trucks, it only makes them more expensive and doesn’t add anything to the ride feel. Weight really is a matter of taste in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong though, these trucks are made for downhill.

The trucks are sold as a mid-priced precision truck, coming in at 320€ for a complete set. People often compare them to bigger brands but I find that really odd, since they offer a very different style of products. Often they sell bare metal trucks (with over engineered kingpins). Nothing against that but it is a different market. We sell a high-standard complete package with, what I see as, really cool bushings, cups, washers, speed rings and spacers. ~ Mathijs Baars

I asked Mathijs to tell us something more about Revolt, how it grew over time, what it’s vision for the future looks like, what they are all about… Here’s what he told us:

We got some young and talented riders, who were willing to grow as riders, as Revolt grew as a company. They helped us with the development of the prototypes. After that, large scale production started and we started to grow our Revolt brand, go to events, talk to people, get our stuff out there, into the world.

My amazing girlfriend does most of the artwork, which I am really fond of. Our first T-shirt is a great example. Another friend of mine helps me with designing the products. Us three make the core of Revolt.

We had some struggles getting the business stuff right, but it turned out our awesome camera man from the Germany trip could support us with that.

For the future? Glad you asked. I don’t like where longboarding is going (sue me). Revolt will be about innovations and a certain, unique style. I want a bit of the skate culture to be revitalized and most of all to lose the arrogance I find so many companies show in both their products and merch. ~ Mathijs Baars

Where to buy Revolt Alchemist trucks

At the moment of writing this article, the price for a set of Revolt Alchemist precision trucks is 320 Euros and you can purchase them via Revolt’s official website.

Concept: Smart Truck Assembly Tool

Smart Truck Assembly Tool

Have you ever put off changing your deck or trucks because of the amount of time it takes to mount everything together? Well I have.

Normally for me it’s a time consuming process where I almost always loose a nut and feel disinclined to be doing it. And when I just gave in to the idea that nothing on this planet will speed up the process I saw a magical concept on the Interwebz.

S.T.A.T. is short for ”Smart Truck Assembly Tool”, a universal multifunctional skateboard tool that promises faster truck assembly, so you can spend more time skating and not get frustrated when you have to do some maintenance on your skateboard.

It’s a brainchild of three skaters and has everything you need plus more in comparison to your ordinary skate tool.

Changing or mounting your trucks will take roughly 30 seconds and it looks super easy. The tool consists of a bottom and top piece, with which you can screw or unscrew all four of the bolts and screws, or just one by removing three of the magnetic allen key / screwdriver bits on the top piece. The bottom piece is also magnetic so you don’t loose any hardware in the process.

The sides of the bottom tool piece are conveniently designed to adjust the wheel bolts and the kingpin when it gets too loose for your comfort.

Although this is just an idea in an infinite space on the internet, I find it pretty cool and would love to try it someday. Check it out and if you like the concept support the idea and help make it a reality.

You can help funding this project via